The World Inside My Heart


Can you see the sky inside my heart?

My nightly sky, with stars so bright

Each star aloft, within my sky, shines for you


Do you see the ocean inside my heart?

It’s mighty sway, those crashing waves

The breaking tide, coming in and out, does this for you


Take a look at the forest inside my heart

The blowing breeze, the majestic trees

The whistling wind, blowing through the leaves, sings songs for you


Have you seen the mountains inside my heart?

Those snow capped peaks, the strength it keeps

They stand there tall, fearless and steady, immovable for you


Come and see the river inside my heart

Its winding course, its raging force

Cutting through the ground, this water so wild, it runs for you


Peer into the tempest inside my heart

Those lightning strikes, the flashing lights

This deadly storm above the ground rages for you


Let me show you the desert inside my heart

The dry parched earth, a land so hurt

This desperate place, in need of water, thirst for you


Will you come look at the meadow inside my heart?

The birds fly pass, the green soft grass

This sheltered place, of solace and beauty, remains for you


Can you picture this world inside my heart?

The joy it brings, so filled with things

This world exists, and turns each day, because of you




Written in Texas -2012




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