Body of lies.


I was in love. And you were too.
we were together, through and through.
but you left me alone, Stranded in an ocean of my tears.
it was the end. Of me. Of you. Of us. Of who we were.
thrown to the wind like a feather that slowly faded from the life I thought I knew.

You were my friend. And I was yours too.
we stuck together, through and through.
and now I am nothing without you.
I needed you, to be there to hold me.
to show me someone still cared.
but the only thing u cared about, was the fact that u finally had your chance to beat me down, and claim your prize.

Its been two years. I finally found a way home. Out of your dire grasp.
I found love, in someone that wasn’t you.
but you came back. And you said sorry.
sorry for what?
sorry for lying?
sorry for cheating?
sorry for leaving?

You left me alone. With nothing to show but scars.
they cover my arms and legs, reminding me that you were real.
reminding me that you lied to my face.
your look burns your name on my chest, letting me know, I once did, truly love you.

You tell me you love me now still, that you never broke that promise.
how can I believe you?
how can I trust you?
how can I trust anyone?
because of you, I am scared, of myself, and of the people who claim to love me.

But because you lied,
because you cheated,
you taught me what true love was. And tore it down like a poster on a wall.
I was a poster on your wall. And now here I am.
I am strong because you hurt me.
I am smart because you lied to me.
I am independent because you left me.
I refuse to be held down my the shadows of my past.

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