On the ground were my feet, my head in the clouds

As I dreamt of a place that can never be found:


“A place with no pain, a place with no sorrow,

A place where there’s always a brighter tomorrow.

A place full of peace, where you’re free to roam

But when you return, you feel like you’re home.


There’s plenty of laughter and smiles to go ‘round,

For all of God’s creatures, from human to hound.

The people are one single entity;

There’s no black and no white, no you and no me.

And oh! What a wonderful place this would be!


But as we all know, this place isn’t here;

It is simply a myth, like flying reindeer.

And the world seems so hopeless, and so full of fear


With but a crust of bread and a corner to sleep in,

A minute to laugh, but an hour to weep in,

The wretched and wicked are somehow in charge-

While we waste away, they’re the ones living large


There’s heartache and bloodshed and hunger and pain,

One day in the sun, four years in the rain.

And just when you think that you’re back on your feet,

Life knocks you back down, smiling ever-so-sweet

As she drowns you in sorrows ‘till you and Death meet…”


All this and more I had cried and lamented

In times I felt lost, downtrodden, tormented;

In times where I longed to dig a great hole

And hide away from my mind, my body, my soul-

Those times when my heart was blacker than coal.


I’d retreat in the crevices deep in my mind,

Away from the world that was cruel and unkind

And into the place I’d so carefully designed

Until those two separate worlds became intertwined.

Until reality slowly began to unwind.


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