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I'm proud of myself and I have something to say.I quit smoking last year on the 3rd of May.It was one year ago when I smoked for the last time.When it came to spending money for tobacco, I haven't spent a dime.
The Ashtray In The Corner   There’s an ashtray in the corner Ghost of past lovers on my wall They’re haunting my propriety
Dasher, Dancer, Smoke a pack Prancer, cancer Hit the sack. One day you'll wake And realize you Need to stop For their sake, too.
I took a drag and hid behind the rush it gave because when you're high life can't be bad   I pushed the pain aside and let the smoke take me with it while locking my fears inside  
i think that if i take it into too much consideration, the momental magic seems to be shaved away. there were twice as many stars as usual-
For one month, I've been smoke free.31 days ago, I put smoking behind me.God and the nicotine patches have helped me and I'm grateful.And without those patches, the nicotine withdrawal would've made me become hateful.
  Punch, punch, punch. Make it a very deep hue, This is something you need to go through.   Cut, cut, cut.
I have something to say and I'm not joking.In a few days, I'm going to try to quit smoking.Some smokers say they can quit smoking any time they want but I know that isn't true.
I’ve been addicted to smoking, since before I was born The ecstasy of inhalation I can hardly catch my breath Call it the curse of the addicted Unable to stop no no matter how much I may want to  
Lying, leaning, laying on. Under grass, on you, and to you too, You lay still, as if the lungs in your chest would burst if you drew a single breath. Maybe they might. Black Feeble Lungs,
You smell it in the air Lurking trying to find you It has tooken the life of your brothers and sisters Your mother and fathers It has infected the world with disease 
When you kiss me the taste of that ginger ale you’ve been sipping at invades my mouth along with the smoke of that
Cherry the green on top so the tobacco beneath burns enough and shotgun that shit after it's all milked.  A reverse fire-breathing feeling takes over as you exhale and maybe cough once or twice.
My lungs stir beneath a black cloak A bridal veil of ash and smoke The Wedding From Hell inside my chest
I see how intensely you take a drag on your cigarette down     toward         the bottom           of your lungs as the hands of the smoke suffocates you
breathe,  press me against your lips, wrap them around me, inhale me. I will take you away, slowly. I am addictions rolled in your death certificate. my breath is poison,
Daddy's hand is a big warm blanket embracing mine as we stand in the mud   "Goodbye, Lenny" and our rooster, our little ball of fire, is no longer ours but belongs to the man with a hole in his throat
My “fashionable” addiction to cigarettes has given me a few things: One. A metallic flavor coating the inside of my cheeks , paired with a yellow tongue that tastes it.
Dear Dad, There are few things that remind me of you. Take a person who has smokes a pack a mix it with the black ice air freshener and that was your permanent car smell. Whatever your cologne scent was, it screamed you.
I’ve got couple bong rips Held with a deep grip in my lungs Yeah I got a couple slits Not just the ones that cover my eyelids
smoke cough smoke cough keep choking on your lungs love chest pain chest pain going about another day you keep moving but barely awake not listening to a word anyone says smoke cough smoke cough 
she worried about him as his family drama drew his cigarette closer as the smoke filled his lungs, time kept getting slower. as the aroma of nicotine filled the air, she could feel and smell his hurt and despair.
A pipe passed around a couple friends   sitting in a circle on a patio. The pipe was only halfway around again   and I watched as a girl set down her Camel   while taking a hit.
My thoughts are racing but they only go in circles They're coming for you Turn the lights on and off 14 times You're gonna get pregnant Smoke another cigarette They're coming for you 
There is a voice in the back of my skull that screams for release, That can only be found in a razor blade, or between your lips. If I pick and prod at my flesh enough I realize soon enough I can't feel anything,
I drank a pint of beer. I chased it with a glass of gasoline. I filled it to the brim with the stuff. Yea, thats the stuff. I walked over to Joe. "Hows the wife and kids?" I took a swigg of Gas.
I find her ivory skin and enticing grin far too consuming to resist. She finds late eves as moments of peace betwixt my fuming of nicotinic mist. And the laughter from her heart—
Roll her up in the sheets of the night before. Light her up, watch her dance round your lips. She can’t be good to me, they say. Then why so sweet to my lungs?
Like a lake of fire, I burn all my Kush and money. Good kid, got soul, Satan wanna take it from me. Can't pull the trigger to cop gold God thinks it's bummy. So a poor ass Joe pours out his soul cause he's so hungry.
one hit a bottle of jack i cannot breathe but my bones are laughing. my lungs struggle to keep up with my racing thoughts.
My lungs shriveled black medicating the regret Just as toxic as you when we first met Shrouding the pain in this hazing delusion Was it all worth it, whats your conclusion
Dear uncle, I hope the cigars were worth it Just like your breathe was stolen from your chest, It's left us all choking on the emptiness And even though you're still in my heart, I wish that you were here.
With silver venom flowing from his torn lips That suggested he might do the same He told me his mother had died of lung cancer Yet before I could question the lit cigarette
A flickering orange against the cold black night, On a winding road guided by yellow headlights. The moon’s distant glow seems but a fantasy As beautiful, troubled and as distant as he.  
I’m drinking on this rooftop patio; bitters and absolut and citrus and vodka and ginger, something sweet to mask the alcohol, on the rocks, maybe in a champagne glass.
He always looks as though he’s tasted something bitter, so much so that i wonder if the cigarette he lifts to his lips tastes sweet to him. He smiles at me like he’s holding back tears,
In your hand you hold something capable of destroying, something that makes walls yellow. Something that blackens the  pink. Something that makes the green disappear. Something that could tear
  I am every bit as pathetic as the paper in my mouth.   The paper that will very soon become a topic of discussion among my friends;      Wondering why my hands now smell like anxiety,
  We passed the field by my house, Where you used to say sorry; Words never held meaning for you Without smoke kissing lips.   I never should have. I waited too long didn't I honey?
The faint smell Of tobacco. That hated smell, Forever fused into Skin, sheets and Mind. Last night, Every flashing light Every piercing shriek Every bass note from the
Ashes to ashes And dust to dust Or is it smoke to ashes And lungs of dust?   From the earth was born man
I used to be a fan of bliss Used to be a daily habit smoking on that cannibus I used to be a fan of it I blew it so heavly I used to just fan the piff Mary Jane and I used to fly, I was her man to kiss
Venturing alone,
I'm breathing in And I'm already addicted again  Your love is a drug   I inhaled  But now I'm breathing, Hard off of your love    People notice the past me again 
I am from colonial style homes, From Sunday morning church and Bible study Wednesdays. I am from the fall leaves on the driveway. (Various oranges, glowing, It tasted like apple spice pie.)
Chapped lips and Dark eyes, Acne scars and Chubby thighs. Senseless dreams and hopeless times. Waiting for the sun to rise. Quiet kisses and Poisened lips. Dying lungs and Useless tips
Tea on a Sunday  evening Two young girls  hide behind their words their illustrations small talk eludes dark realities too afraid to address the monster in the closet
Listen closley you will only hear this one time To catch your attention I even made it rhyme I'm about to tell you all about reality
Nobody had to tell her that the taste of blood was metallic.   She figured it out on her own when she slid the blade across her skin and licked at the crimson poison to try and desperately hide the slit of evidence.  
Cigarettes. I hate them. I hate that people smoke them and I hate what they do to people.
The unknown So I find myself sitting on a sofa in the middle of nowhere At house in the middle of nowhere With people I don't know in the middle of nowhere Contemplating where my place is
He runs too muchDusk til dawnHe's crazy.  
The dark and lonely atmosphere filled the air
You tell me I don't listen Do you not see MY eyes glisten? I am a sponge- taking in your every word Every little thing you THINK I haven't heard Am I supposed to create a composed answer
  Crips and Bloods, robbers and killers. Crips and Bloods, murders and stealers.
Barbed wire 'n bullets raked through a mind Of sheer brilliance and beauty that's just been so blind Why, oh why, does this torture keep true Go feed on a mind with much less value!
3 years old and father is ill. Ill. I'll see him quench his obsessions, filling his demons with the drink of death. They burn his insides, destroying our home, while he sits calmly releasing his bitter smoke.
Ever feel like you were born in the wrong time?In a time where no one really thinks,and at every corner there comes a new crimeshouldn't it be time we worked out all of the kinks?Girls are getting pregnant
Why does she keep coughing? Its like she can't breath or something. But I know she can breath Because if she couldn't breath She wouldn't be able to smoke!
After my study i met this hottie in a baby blue hoodie- That said fear the D but she said she likes me casue I go to UIC And still working on my degree I date catholic school girls
I write this with shaking hands. Shaking over you, But I'll blame the nicotine. Our relationship being the same as what I do alone now. A spark of a lighter. Nothing but cold and then it happens.
Pu Puff Puff Pass *Smoking motion* Pu Puff Puff Pass *Smoking motion* It's like a jungle sometimes so I just roll that Tropic Thunder Roll that Tropic Thunder I stay high to keep from going under
  If I had the power to make a change, This would be tough, but it could be arranged. I would eliminate the sale of cigarettes
Why drink before you are aloud? Why smoke to feel happy? Why party with people you don"t like? Why be someone you aren't? I just don't understand me generation.
A pleasant wind doth call your brother's name, But clouds and flames are all he can proclaim, A wizard's trick, a chemist's mix, Are the absurdity of this fix. Hollow are his feverish pleas,
if your life was a drawing it'd be a big black x x x i hate the way you smoke you hold your cigarettes 
      People today smoke.               Some say it kills and some don't.        Who is truly right?
He walks with    his leather jacket slumped over     his shoulders          and his violet backpack          swinging violently          from   his shoulders. His mouth is   a motor,
Dear Mom,     Hi.     Wow. This is Hard.
The tears wouldn't stop A waterfall of dark choices                                          Yet beautiful Rumors went around  Of the dark curse that was set upon me Demonic eyes of judegment
A tattooed anchor entwined in the symbol for infinity sits on her hip bone, which juts out like a cliff over her great barrier reef.
Observe the young children. Laughing Playing Shouting Happy. Soon some will crave a drink or two a smoke or two a lovely high a dull needle a brusie from a lover
Cigarettes and Angels When an angel smokes a cigarette, it’s a sign that no heart is too sacred to char black. When the cursing red glow of flickering light
She’s smoking a cigarette. I’m drinking cold coffee. I’m thinking that newspaper ink could cover a lipstick stain.   I’m drinking cold coffee. (The power’s out) and it’s so dark it
I found him on the corner of Central Ave. He just stood there smoking his cigarette Making little white ghost with each exhale Creating more clouds to shade the earth He knows I'm watching, he's no fool
   Wrap your fingers around the bottle, another sip,another swallow. Try to keep your shaking hands still, as you try to down the pills.    Welcome to the land of numb, nothing hurts,nothing's fun.
What does it smell like What does it taste like What does it look like It looks like death. What does is feel like What does it talk like It talks like death.  What does it look for 
17 and scarred4 years of a hellGroup of friends to hardly none Drama spreading faster than wildfireKnives sharpened and reused on someone else's backBlame being pointed everywhere but the source
  I used to steal everything All my jewelry and perfume But you can’t steal from a coffee shop So that’s where all my money went   I knew a girl who took fire to her arms
It's always harder when your sober. you feel more out of control lost to the people around you.
Why I write, is so I can have an outlet. My lips are frozen, my voice is broken, I can't express how I feel because I- am softspoken. Why I write, is so I can vent.
You're walking home from the store It's burning on the pavement floor You have this sudden urge, what for? To pick it up and smoke it   You've never cared to try it When "peer-pressure" as they call it
Let’s swap hands you take my heart I’ll take your cigarette. Light me up here I’ll block the wind with the cuffing of my hand.
Hey Dylan, I’ve been here for you for a while now. But for 19 years straight, you’ve been nothing but a villain. Your love toward me, you disavow.   I didn’t do anything to deserve this. With each puff,
A trail of silver smoke flew softly, slowly into the sky. On his lips a cigarette danced back and forth. Back and forth. He smirked at her. His clear blue eyes hid a secret.
Fire, light, inhale. Breathe, obsorb the poison. Deep breath, obsorb the smoke. Feel The Addiction Take Over. Breathe, obsorb the pain. Deep breathe, obsorb the cancer. Feel The Addiction Take Over.
Oh when the drugs wear out and the crash kicks in painful glares pierce through yout thick skin and it all comes down  to who you are with in not who you try to be, just to fit in
Click, sizzle, deep inhale Slow acting poison enters the body Exhale, a smoggy cloud full of anxiety and worry A moment of pleasure A lifetime of regret
Walking in the woods and looking down On the ground and around And finding remnants of the past And wondering what happened to those who used to call this place home.
He laid there in his bed Motionless, clinging to life by one single thread His memories reflecting through his eyes If only he had the chance to give one last goodbye So tired and broken, frail and worn out
She used to be an innocent girl But the devil has changed her Staring in a mirror The reflection is a stranger She yells out to God With tears running down her cheek Praying to become strong
Scarlet Letter , a message to the masses There's a killer in our sheets, so rap it up before you catch it Or check it up before you pass it , no exceptions To the slash list, so please avoid, the dash, on that
Homelessness, anarchy, terrorism This is reality. Wars, drugs, abortions This is reality. Global warming, corruption, debt This is reality. AIDS, alcohol, smoking This is reality.
The mortal man may say "fires burn with a symbolic passion". Such a thought does not begin to describe the attraction. The flame atop his hand burns, not with an interest, but an addiction.
As the cherry of the cigarette burns so does my respect for you i used to think i loved you, but everything that you do makes me sick the favorite things about you is slowly fading away, just like my love
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