The First Smoke

A flickering orange against the cold black night,

On a winding road guided by yellow headlights.

The moon’s distant glow seems but a fantasy

As beautiful, troubled and as distant as he.


The small white demon he tried to hide,

Now breaking and destroying all of his pride

Presses against his beautiful lips

Illuminating a broken reality as the cd skips.


Down comes the window and in the comes the air

But the haunting moon won’t release my stare.

Silent complications weave a web in the car

With every second that the window is ajar.


The fumes of a ghost unleashed from my nightmare

Whipping and whirling without any care.

Their smooth silk tentacles grasping ahold

And anchoring themselves to a heart that’s turned cold.


A lovers hand now a loaded gun,

Close my eyes, won’t look till it’s done.

But these 40 miles are but one small trip

While the same broken cd will continue to skip.


How long can one hold their breath

Watching the ash fade away into death?

Through every vessel and into blackened lungs,

It’s the addiction of many corrupted tongues.


The pumping and pulsing will finally start

As the nicotine races through his dying heart.

Circling and cycling from beginning to end,

Saying goodbye to an unwanted friend.


The end of the stick now nearing its fate

The death of love that is easy to hate.

The sparkling of embers flicked into the air

Leaving thousands of monsters released from their lair.


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