One Less Day

Choking, choking, choking. Not being able to breathe in the clean air

Clouds of smoke surrounding your world, slowly cutting off your life line

Some say they can’t live without it but I know they can try

All they have to do is throw it away and ask someone for help

They don’t realize they’re killing themselves. That they’re throwing away everything they


Instead their years become numbered. The clock ticking away and each grain of sand

falling down the hourglass

Dreams never being able to come true

Blackness fills their world and infiltrates their system. Wrapping itself around the heart

and pouring through the blood system

Just one more they say. What harm can it do. Little do they know that they are its slave

and it is the master

What time is it? Time to go outside and take a smoke because that is how their body functions

It doesn’t matter if they’re in the middle of something because they need to go lessen the

days of their life

They are sentencing their own death and bringing on the sickness they are diagnosed with

So here is a warning to all of you. Don’t be surprised if one day the doctor tells you that you have lung cancer or throat cancer or maybe one day you can't see anymore

Cannot see your own grandchildren or watch your daughter get married because you brought it upon yourself

That one more smoke turned into five, then twenty, then a hundred and soon you lost track of how many you had

There are ways to save yourself and live for a long time

There are ways for you to see your daughter walk down the aisle and watch your grandchildren grow up

But you don’t and only think about that moment of calamity. That moment you drag on a breath of poison and let it all out to pollute the world

You will never understand and because you refuse to listen I’m just going to have to stand by and watch

I watch as your face begins to sink in and lose all of its natural glow

As you cough in every conversation. When you tell me you have to go to the bathroom but I really know what you're doing. Giving into the temptation

Now I stand here looking over you. There is a look of relief on your face. The world I wanted you to get out of has finally come, but not the way I had hoped

I knew this day would come and here I am all in black. Like the black world you lived in

As everyone around me crying and sobbing I feel relief that I don’t have to watch you kill yourself anymore but are somewhere better

The black box you lay in is put into the ground and I just stare and stare and stare wondering why you had to take that smoke


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My family
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