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press me against your lips,

wrap them around me,

inhale me.

I will take you away,


I am addictions rolled in your death certificate.

my breath is poison,

I will never love you,

but I will wait.

Wait for you to cough up lave,

and when your lungs harden into magma,

And you are being suffocated by your own ashes,

I will watch.

Watch your insides errupt, 

watch untill your very existence is extinct,

I have turned your body into a museum. 

It's full of everything from brown teeth,

To petrified air. 

Black walls covered in soot,

your a musuem only I would want to visit.

I am an illusion,

An embalmer,

I started mummifying you from the first kiss,

Draining the air from your body,

and you ,

knowing this was possible,


never having the strength to stop me.


fill your mouth with another coffin nail, 

exhale me.

The day you try to get rid of me will be the day you realize

you cannot live without me.

Though your breathe no longer smoke,

Your body remains burned.

The day you try to get rid of me will be the day you realize

My ghost will stay dancing through you forever,

You will realize I am your crematore

And that your ashes mean nothing when they are tinted yellow.

By the time it's too late 

you will realize

your whole world could fit in a rolled up strip of paper.

your life,

controlled by two fingers,

never knowing when it could end.

I have grown to know you,

I have gone with you to every,



and birthday party.

I have grown so fond of you.

and you of me,

You have allowed me to isolate you,

but I still listen,

listen to them tell you to give me up,

that I'm no good for you.

You have to learn to extinguish me, 

before cancer pulls you away from your 8 year olds birthday before I can.

This poem is about: 
My family


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