Punch, punch, punch.

Make it a very deep hue,

This is something you need to go through.


Cut, cut, cut.

Let the blood drip,

Now go and ruin every working relationship.


Drink, drink, drink.

Feel the buzz, clear your mind,

Don't forget to act real kind.


Cut, cut, cut.

Submerge yourself within the pain,

Feel as high like you're on cocaine.


Starve, starve, starve.

You're much too chubby,

Not skinny, not pretty, not even a little bit lovely.


Binge, binge, binge.

Oh my gosh, the food you've missed,

You've lost control and need to fill the abyss.


Purge, purge, purge.

Throw it all up, undo your sins,

Don't you know this is how it begins?


Cut, cut, cut.

Damn this time you've really fucked up,

But now it's time to clean it up.


Puff, puff, puff.

Let the smoke fill your lungs,

Please forget about the other ones.


Die, die, die.

Now's the time,

To finally feel sublime.


Fly, fly, fly.

Soar high up in the bliss,

Don't think about what you'll miss.


Fall, fall, fall.

Crash and smack and hit the ground,

There's no place for you that's safe and sound.


Cry, cry, cry.

There is no escape,

Your future is now taking its permanent shape.


Think, think, think.

You have nothing else to do,

But wish that you just simply weren't you.


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