I'm Going To Try To Quit Smoking

I have something to say and I'm not joking.
In a few days, I'm going to try to quit smoking.
Some smokers say they can quit smoking any time they want but I know that isn't true.
They and I are addicted to nicotine and I believe that quitting is the best thing to do.


Each day, I've smoked at least twenty-five little cigars.
If I can quit, I'll no longer be inhaling nicotine and tar.
In a few days from now, I'll be receiving some nicotine patches.
If I can quit, it will be the end of me buying lighters and matches.


If you smoke and want to join me in quitting, you're a person who I'll applaud.
I'm hoping that one of the things that will help me to quit is my faith in God.
I'm not going to quit for other people, I'm doing it for myself.
If I succeed, food will taste better and I'll enjoy better health.


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