Poetry Slam


You tell me I don't listen

Do you not see MY eyes glisten?

I am a sponge- taking in your every word

Every little thing you THINK I haven't heard

Am I supposed to create a composed answer

When your words attack me like Cancer?

You WANT TO know the truth?

Your compassion is like a ticket booth

Only given out when I do something for your highness

For you- only the finest!

Roll my eyes behind your back

Your priorities are all out of wack

Throwing yourself around

You're a dog, you being in the pound 

He might want to get with you,

Only for a night then bid you adieu

The things he says are just a disguise

Open your eyes, read through the lies

You say you're going to "Fuck shit up"

But when is enough,enough?

Life's about to get tough

It's time to wake up

This isn't just a vivid Dream

Can't you hear the Virgin Mother scream?!

Where's the girl you used to be?

'Cause I can guarantee

She wouldn't even know who you are

Vision clouded by the smoke of you cigar


Painful Picturesque

First, let me intrudce myself. My name is Clara and I'm from the Chicago land area.  Since I'm assuming you've read my poetry slam, I hope you have enjoyed it. I wrote it when the girl I was in love with started smoking. I tried to get her to quit almost as soon as she had started, because many people in my life had died from cancer and losing her wasn't something I wanted to do.  I thought if you stopped the problem fast it wouldn't have time to fester, however, smoking took its toll.  Not on her body, but on us. It slowly invaded our relationship the way cancer invades the body- It started in one area and soon spread to others.  Soon enough she was sleeping with guys, because she felt worthless and sleeping with a guy made her feel empowered. The only time that she would show affection to me is when I would go above and beyond to make her smile. Her smile still burns in my memory, however so does the cigar wedged between her full lips.


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