Chapped lips and Dark eyes,


Chapped lips and Dark eyes,
Acne scars and Chubby thighs.
Senseless dreams and hopeless times.
Waiting for the sun to rise.
Quiet kisses and Poisened lips.
Dying lungs and Useless tips
Fading softly and hollow cheeks
Faces disappearing for quite some weeks
Ringing ears and distant minds
Echoed sounds and devotion that binds.
Loud breathing and trickle of blood
What had once been water was now like mud.
Broken trust and Razor Blades
Calls to home and Falling Grades
Failed attempts and Skies of grey
Hoping life would fade away.
Feeble Nooses and Veins cut deep.
Daring heights and a dangerous leap.
Puddles of blood and names called thrice.
Hold them close, they're as cold as ice


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