"Chain Smoke"

Let’s swap hands you take my heart 
I’ll take your cigarette. 
Light me up here I’ll block the wind with the cuffing of my hand.
I don’t see what you find so great about these things but you like them so I’ll give it a try. Burn me to ashes
While I take part in your bad habits 
causing my own cancer to swell up. 
What a fool I was to let my heart into
your hand 
oh but that cigarette looked to attractive 
and I wanted to rebel 
against what my head was saying
it’s the smart one 
but the heart wants what the heart wants and that is to be between your lips 
breathed in and breathed out. 
Life is just a gasp away.
death it’s far from us it’s much to young; We’re much to young. So lets live, in the moment.
stop worrying about everyone else. 
Let me be the focus of the lens of your eye. Because your the focus of mine. 
I’m constantly snapping pictures 
all the time. Saving the memories 
of that delicate soul warming smile 
framing them for a darker time.


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