Dear uncle,

I hope the cigars were worth it

Just like your breathe was stolen from your chest,

It's left us all choking on the emptiness

And even though you're still in my heart,

I wish that you were here.

I bet your daughter does too.


I don't really care if you're in heaven or hell,

I don't even believe in an afterlife.

All I know is we're not there to wish you well,

And it's not fair that you have to leave so much behind.


Dear grandfather,

I miss you every day,

And I hope that I make you proud.

You taught me to build with my mind,

My hands weren't as deft as yours

But now your body's so broken down,

I'll keep building these models but I can't seem to find your soul.

Maybe the splinters will bring you home.

Your ships may have sunk but they're mine to find now.


Dear Grandmother,

The cigarettes stole you before I knew your face,

Dear Earl,

The blood clots only stopped you once,

Dear Grandpa,

You lost your breathe,

but your silence already spoke volumes,

and although Walter is strong,

I know he misses you too


Dear everybody,

I think I'll have to start believing in an afterlife,

Because I can't hear the thought of being apart for life.

- T.S.

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My family
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