Barbed wire 'n bullets raked through a mind

Of sheer brilliance and beauty that's just been so blind

Why, oh why, does this torture keep true

Go feed on a mind with much less value!

You’re twisted and vile, these dreams aren’t your host

It’s the cruelest to thrive on the things He loves most

Every memory stored and filed away

Long ago forgotten and meant to be that way

But the needles keep pricking at the shaded corridors

The rooms and black boxes kept behind closed doors

The wire coils, constricting anything it can

Comforts to cling to or faces of Man

Ripping apart every blissful blockade

Built up in the moment like some cheap charade

Naturally, too, the bullets rip through

Roaring mightily through the smoke He blew

But it’s not enough to destroy it all

Oh! Take a step back! Watch the Man fall!

A free ride to another mind’s hospitality

Pouring out one mind, one fatality


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