my everyday drug

Sun, 04/07/2013 - 21:12 -- freunch


United States
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As the cherry of the cigarette burns so does my respect for you
i used to think i loved you, but everything that you do makes me sick
the favorite things about you is slowly fading away, just like my love
you told me that you loved me, the warmth of your skin turns icy cold
as the tears burn my skin, i cant try to fix this
something out of my control, completly inevitable

as the cherry of the cigarette burns so does my love for you
you used to be my nicotine, my every day drug
now the sight of you is so repulsive it makes me sick
the smell of your orange hoodie makes me want to die

as the cherrry of the cigarette burns so do i
every day i sleep and dream of you yet it turns into a nightmare
i used to love you and always wanted more of you
now you are a bad habit im trying to quit

as the cherry of the cigarette burns every thing inside of me burns
the only thing that keeps me holding on is your love
but I'm only flirting with a poison called love
and it hurts me with every inhale as the love slowly fades
your my nicotine, my everyday drug
but every day it brings me farther down
your my bad habit i need to quit
as everything i once had burns, down to the filter



I like this.

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