"I'm so OCD"


United States

My thoughts are racing but they only go in circles

They're coming for you

Turn the lights on and off 14 times

You're gonna get pregnant

Smoke another cigarette

They're coming for you 

Touch the wall 14 times

He hates you

Smoke another cigarette

You're gonna die

Hesitate as you reach for the light switch

These obsessions are a constant onslaught of anxiety

Others seem innocent

Research everythign you can about your condition

Convince yourself you don't have it

You're faking it

Smoke another cigarette

Life is so much prettier through the eyes of someone else

So much eaasier when you can't feel your stomach sinking

Can't hear the screaming thoughts

Insisting everything is bad and everyoen will die and it is all your fault

They're coming for you

Tap the wall 14 times

HE hates you

Flip the light switch 14 times

"I'm so OCD about this"

Smoke another cigarette

I'm not saying others aren't suffering

I jsut liek to think

Maybe without this I'd be happier

Maybe if i didn't cling onto these obsessions so hard

I could be closer to normal

Closer to happy

They're coming coming for you

Ignore the growing panic as you are stopped in the middle of a ritual

He hates you

Accept that yo uare terrible as you pass the wall without a single touch

See, I'm getting the compulsions under control

So I'm getting better right?

These obsessions will not stop though

As I stay up for hours trying to figure out if bottles water has flouride in it

Stay up counting all the reasons I have failed and that he hates me

They all hate me

Touch the wall 14 times

Beg for relief

Pretend I'm okay

Take 14 pills

Smoke 7 cigarettes and tell myself he doesn't hate me

Why do you hate me I scream

He insists he doesn't but these thoughts keep coming

They all hate me

Flip the light switch 14 times

Touch the wall 14 times

Smoke another cigarette

The lightbulb is burning out

Flip the light switch 14 times




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