Damn Cigarettes


Cigarettes. I hate them. I hate that people smoke them and I hate what they do to people. Not only do they kill you slowly but they have so many side effects. The yellowing of the finger nails, the yellowing of the teeth, the lingering smell on smokers' clothes, and in their house. The difficulty breathing, the nagging cough that never completely goes away, the racing heartbeat, the nausea. The constant feeling like they're missing something. Like they're missing that damn cigarette. How can someone know they're slowly killing themself with that damn cigarette. Just put it down already! When I pass you standing outside of the grocery store with your cart full of unpaid items inside the door because you had to have that damn cigarette before you could finish shopping I think how unfortunate it must be that you rely so heavily on something so weak....something that makes you so weak. I look at you with pity that all of your money is going towards a habit that will, in the end, just kill you. I look at you with sadness because those beautiful kids inside waiting for you to finish that damn cigarette will get to watch you die a premature death that could've been prevented by you. I look at you with disgust that you're poluting my air, and everyone around me's air. That you're so careless you can't just put it out, but instead put it into your lungs. All the hundreds of millions of chemicals...chemicals that are killing you slowly...all for that damn cigarette. 


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