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Just like that, we are back to square one, Having to start over, because of all of the things that were done. The things that I went through that I never talked about before,
It can be so hard to let go of the past, Especially when it comes down to something that you were hoping was going to last. But the only way to move on is to finally let it go,
Four years since the day that I have found out your name, Four years since I have never been the same. Four years since the first time I saw that smile,
And just like that, I don’t have any of the memories anymore, And it feels like I am one step closer to closing that door. It was one of the hardest things that I ever had to do,
When it first happened, I thought I would never be able to make it through, Because everything that I did reminded me of you. And I thought that I would never be able to love again,
Just when I started to feel upset, it all started to come true, That the dreams that I had working for were finally coming through.
When we met, things were falling apart, And you were the only one who was able to help me heal from the start. When my world was ending, you made me believe in hope and love once again,
And just like before, everything started off fine, And I decided to overlook everything and ignore all of the signs. That just like everyone else you are batshit crazy,
Sotto il ponte a Del Rio sono fermi, bloccati, appostati, accerchiati Ammucchiati migliaia di migranti Haitiani, non Ucraini
                                          Femme, tu étais si belle. Tu étais si jolie Tu étais si polie, si jeune et pleine de vie Tu étais si magnifique. Tu étais si gentille
                                                Anybody, who is struggling, Is my people The one with the color purple, Who will one day earn and own the ring.
                                            Failing is hurtful,
We stumble, we fall and we get upWe don't beg, don't kneel and we stand upFailure will never be an optionLife is about struggling and taking actionWe are living in a world full of hypocrisy
It hurts so much That I now fear nothing It hurts so much That I revisited everything Under the noon
Hearts hold the wheel Driving lanes within mortals insane  That is when I found you  I chose to hold you 
  Still tears in our eyes for our Brave Haiti Still tears in our eyes for our incredible Country
No mustard bombs are droppedNo audible or silent shots are firedNo planes are necessarily blown or hiredNo flags are deliberately flown or flappedNo soldiers crossed the borders
Isn't it funny how something that you start doing just for fun ends up being the thing that saves your life? That it is the only thing that can help pull you through when the rest of the world is cutting you like a knife.
I have tears in my eyes for Haiti At Christmas But I am not crying At the midnight mass Tears could not stop flowing
De ninguna manera, ya no puedo lastimarme Porque ahora tengo un corazón resistente Tengo el dulce silencio de la noche Y estoy lejos, muy lejos del susto
It seems like every time that I start to do good, there is always something that gets in the way, And no matter how hard I try, it seems like I end up failing, and I have to restart everyday.
Why is it so hard to get better when that is what you really want to do? Some days it is easy, and other days it is so hard that the thought of being in control is something that you can't do.
Life becomes mere existence when you're mercilessly deprived of everything for which you've hoped and dreamed and worked and strived. When all your dreams are shattered like shards of daggered glass
Humanity, I love you for you bring me  to my knees. You've taught me to be patient, kind, but also  how to breath. When I started  working with  people who have nothing and 
It’s hard to bloom Without any roots So I am my own roots now My own soil, my own water, Look at this flower These pigmented petals
All paths we take were by sorrow begotten: A price we pay for forsaking God’s Garden.  Fortuna secretly against all men conspire. But resilience—is not too tough to acquire. 
There once was girl  Oh, so bright Who used to smile each day She’d smile in laughter Smile in joy And even smile when grey   For smiling was her safety blanket  A cover for the pain
My short, silky pigtails were brushing through the wind while you pushed me on the swings, since my little legs couldn’t swing myself.
One call changed my life forever. On the night of February 3rd, 2017, my sister informed me that our father had been kidnapped in Mexico. My heart sunk, and suddenly my whole world was turned upside down.
I whistle a tune  unbeknownst to all subjugating aerodynamics take flight in the V, they quack no? I chose the letter G   I hum a melody that pricks the ears of Grays shall they
Sometimes it feels like I’m in a ring, and it knocks me down. Its kicking and yelling, “Can’t get up, can you?” Other times it feels like I’m drowning, and it suffocates me. Its pointing and laughing, “Done, yet?”
Shocking scars, The past, So long ago, Hurt entrenched so deep,   No words can describe, The manner in which it resides, No tears can make The agony seap.    Ever present,
You are there beginning through end You encompass us before we are even given a soul You shout at the thought of the fears we do send
Dear Dad,   You tried and you tried You tried so damn hard To shove your toxicity down my throat You stole my childhood You put me through hell Bargained my sanity you thought you could sell
I've gotta free my mind but careful not to lose it A brain without a soul is incongruent When I speak you choose to confuse it You left me with bruises Like what the truth is Without the excuses
We live this life despite Double edged swords being swung at us with all their might Finding beauty in the pain, staring darkness in the face 'Cause there's only so much light
  Dear Moonchild,              You Will Never Break Me.   I knew I was playing the game I signed up for it the moment you texted me.
Dear Ryan,   You didn’t know me way back when… I struggled to read with my kin, Mom studied by day and worked by night. Dad held three jobs, struggling with all his might.  
She was a simple Desi girl Who was poked at for being Innocent, Shy, And resilient. They called her “the retarded Desi of the eighteenth century". Was her innocence what bothered
A falling daffodil Leaning, Screaming, Dreaming. Giving off radiance from its resilience.   Shining, Blinding, Posing, but never closing Its petals
Someday sincere lips will brush against yours And he won't leave  Someday you'll feel strength in your heart mind and body You won't feel fatigue Someday your mind will be clear
When they questioned our religion,  America stood. When they threatened our freedom, America stood. When they fought us and tried to take us down, America stood.
Around age thirteen, freshman year is where life began for me Rising up from my cocoon so that the world would take notice of my identity I was quiet but passionate, Reserved but determined
I am not what you say I am! The bane Existence unworthy... Function unneeded... Purposeless, worthless... You throw your sickness upon me! But I have not faltered entirely I’m sick of this world
I am the bird of the weeping willow. I whine and sway I cry at bay. I toss, I turn – I yearn, I wish. And whisper to plead, set me free from the swaying, the willow that whispers.
You may Shut me up Break my will, Imprison me, just because you disagree with my beliefs.
Adversity. Hardship. Strategy. The push I need. The idea that drives my reaction. Ability. Capacity. Perception. My capability to overcome. My unique perspective. Ambition. Devotion. Power.
It must feel great that your life has a soundtrack Forget responsibilities, you'd rather sit back Relax, just be a character not claiming any agency How are you your own side role? Wake up, you ain't no baby
Pieces of me Are broken. I've fallen so far, So hard and so quickly. Crumbled into thousands Of pieces Unknowing if the Kings horsemen can put Me back together Again.
resilient resilent me, like a bouncing ball one world to another, down every street- bouncing bouncing   I can run at top speed, at the drop of a hat block out loud sounds-
Leaving behind a title, Breaking the barricades; Calling out for revival, Hurling out hand grenades; Fighting for survival,  Peeling off charades; Waiting for avowal,
When I was younger I thought adults were made of armor. Skin so tough no one could harm them. They knew everything, they couldn’t be stopped. My eyes beamed at the sight.
Every step taken, brings you towards something new   A fresh plain an even higher plateau    Do not take anything to heart   For its fragile yet constantly resilient 
All my frustrations, they leave me feeling numb.
I don’t feel anger. Not that simmering rage that slowly grows inside of you, More and more being poured in every day until you just Explode. I get annoyed
Everyone says t
My grandfather's hands tell a story
Come, Sit down and view my world Let me take you in   They say my name As if it is I that should be ashamed. And yet, I win another battle  
At my school I am surrounded by wealth The girls are so beautiful, great outfits, great health   Their lives seem so easy and effortless, never a thing to bring them down 
Dreams guid us... 
What makes me, me? Is it the way I comb my hair, my brains and beauty, or the shoes i wear on my feet? What makes me any different from you? Is it because i'm so kind
Do you ever think about one situation & how one little detail could've changed everything?
Oh no
Cognitively Not where I should be Feelin' crazy Not lookin' like me   Mental pictures  Leavin' me unsure Disturbing thoughts Have gotten me caught
Deletion.  Every single one gone.  The memories are fading away.  No way of looking back into the past. No young faces nothing but a faded thought.  Deleted forever, what once was is now gone.
Happy What Is It? They say Its money They say Its not money What is Happy? They say Its family They say its marriage What is Happy? Is it light? Is it dark?
I wondered why they ran for so long their bare feet strike rocky hills, sand, snow… Thuds of fear…trails of tears…happiness…love lost
  I can't explain the things that I'm feeling right now   My mind, my body, my soul are being bombarded with poisenous thoughts   I'm being ripped apart into a million little pieces  
I’ve known you for a while now You and I are close friends  We’re best friends I’ve noticed how you have changed from a sad little girl into a mature young woman People made fun of you They hurt you
Shh. They can't hear you. Shh. You can't talk about that. Shh. What will everyone think? Shh. No! Ring the alarm, bang the pots, scream out loud!
It's always a good time for a drink.       Drank            Drunk Easy girls and wasted guys make it all the much easier to point a finger blaming a solo cup of bubbles and warm beer.
the love between us
We all have problems So who are you to come at me Did you ever think that there could be a possibility that i understand In spite of what you have come to "know" We are the same, having a bad day
No one sees, no one speaks, no one listens to the mind of the weak. not here, not there, nor anywhere can this heart bear this pain. I cant breathe. I cant get past. This emotion, this judgment
Inspiration, that imperial feeling toward yourself, to express yourself, while addressing yourself with the things you do to the people who see only to judge, judge, judge you for your rights or w
The question that repeats in most minds that asscioate with me, tends to get rather tiring. "WHY  DO YOU LIKE TO WRITE SO MUCH?" " I like to write because it helps me." *que questionble face and they walk away and talk about me and ask others if I
Death is dead! Death is dead!This is what everyone cries aloud and cheer,It relieves many hearts of agony and fear,
Death is dead! Death is dead!This is what everyone cries aloud and cheer,It relieves many hearts of agony and fear,
Believe To Achieve To Beleive You Must Achieve Over Come Fears And Regrets Stress Or Non-Stress
  A writer in math class Words on my paper, don’t know what they say.
He said yo midget but I kept on walking little did he know I went home and cried myself to sleep
All I wanna do is play, But I'm watching the days pass away, And although you don't give me toys to chew, Master I will always love you,   You walk in the door and I'm happy,
Strings attached Playing puppeteer with nimble fingers and old, vivid nightmares   I'm your puppet darling   Strings attached Center with each, individual, socket
Words cannot express the emotion in my body Like the rush of water crashing into the rocks  My aspiration to talk is shadowed by humility Clinching my fists and shuttering in fear
confident yet insecure
My mind has an emotion that feeds of my heart For what I feel it expresses in words It is not scripted to what it must be But simply just wright's from what my heart tells thee It dances to life with creativity
Dear Ladies,
I come from a family that didn't have much Seems like each day the road would get tough The rain would never let up but through it all I kept my head up Because i new one day there would be a blue sky
We live in a world where society rules most of us  We create groups to isolate our selfs from larger crowds We figure that if we stay away from the people who try and change us then we cant be changed
Writin' this for Power Poetry, Hopin' that they notice me, And I hope to see this scholarship, Cause man these loans, They make me sick, Emptied pockets,
Dirt on the flowers Smudges on the mirror Scars on a face Not all as they appear   Some turn and run Others point and jeer For what's on the outside Is all there is to cheer  
Looks are deceiving 
From the moment I saw you, I knew you were a heartbreaker.
It's 12:10am as i write this my darling insomnia fueling my abyss feeling cool and calm as music fills the air though as calm as i feel i can't ignore my thoughts the thoughts that i can't bear
They call me 2 chairs Alls i get is deep stares Feelin like im commonly confused
Full of knowledge I received Rooted deep in earth I didn’t have to travel I am the inner cup Half full kind of tree I listen to remember Listen to the wind Who carries stories
Black and White, for some that is all there is the stark constrast of good and bad, right and wrong, rich and poor, thick and thin.  What ever happened to gray? to shade, to shadow,
Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, I breathe this air one more time, I get back up, though I was burnt to the ground, And just like that phoenix, I may be missing a few feathers and have a few scars,
To forget...To love...To heal Love cannot be earned nor learn I am thankful that you never left But it's time for you to go Smile just like the way you used to smile with me
A three year old said "i love my mommy"A six year old said "i love my toys"But, what is love?A 1en year old said "i love my friends"A fifteen year old said "i love him"
Your love knotsare tied aroundmy heart
It happens
My dream is my job Where I get to travel and creat and invent Oh, no, no ,no, child They say No, you must get a job that makes money   Singers make money And they do what I love
A sad girl Who's been heartbroken and left to soak in her own tears. Left to drown without any support in her own fears.  
We come to You with all the right intentions, But the moment we set off they burn to pieces. And it's only now that I realize, Just how far I've fallen from You. In Your spotlight, I become convicted,
As I lay d
i look back and see the pain you brought me i must forgive you in order to move on. just another chapter in my life that beginning with a brighter start. we learn to forget only if we forgive.
you look at me with soft brown eyes
Love .... One of the craziest words in the dictionary.
i was never as strong as Them She fought a long battle, where i could only last for a short time
Used like a toy for laughs, abused till' the brain stews, left as an abandoned child. Why do this to me dear?
At First is was all smiles and Hi's Shy looks away Trying not to get caught looking anyway Confusion, fear of rejection I’ve never felt like this before, though So how do I know how I feel?
Life is unfair The adults all preach it But it takes so long for you to believe it You ride the waves Until the board breaks
Gaze at the sky I am grounded I cannot fly Then I am astounded It is a bird It is a plane My focus undeterred From what does not touch terrain I follow the trail
It came upon me like a shadow and the whispers that followed said,   "Delirium -- thank God." Thank God: it was only delirium. No;   it wasn't. It was the music –  
How could anyone love a person that has hurt them so much?  How could I love you after you hurt me so much? Please don't hurt me anymore. Every day I try to not think about you. 
When you look at me, tell me what you see. Do you see me, or are you simply focusing on vanity? Shakespeare once said that all the world’s a stage, If only he could see how he prophesized this world of today
How am I?How am I?I'm fine I'm fighting back rageAt a broken down system I'm crying in painFor accepted ignorance I'm screaming bloodFor everyday injustice
A black hole spit out my kind of light I’m on the road when I finally come to life Hit the gas, head for the city to feel tonight
To heal, must find joy in the little thingsto reveal, must love in many different waysTo be tired, to be alone, that is the solitude that comes as a result of the forgetting to breath sometimes, part.  
This is a video recording of a spoken word piece called Resilient Rose. This poem is dedicated to survivors of abuse, trauma, or tragedy. Don't give up!  
I walk these ghetto streets to and fro People have come but most of them go Looking around for a ray of sunlight Darkness follows me without the moonlight I have been on this decrepit road forever
Indifference blinds my generation with ignorance, it’s a lack of concern, of attention and lack of interest, for other people, for life, and for God in every sense.
knowing when to run , knowing when to fly Knowing when to look back, knowing when to question why knowing when to run , knowing when to fly knowing when to live, and knowing how to survive
Cliques are just a form of people who have heartless thoughts , & feelings that you can't bare to think of with their evil stares demon like thoughts surround me every day, the way they move like a pack of cheetahs looking for their prey to fe
Oh, her future burns, Burning bright Like a pyre for god, Burning bright, As her past burns. She is the phoenix.
Noises… they merge and devour to the hallway nearby Bypassing the exit sign, it's still there… but it hides away, Seeping underneath the door panel of what appears To be no... safe way out.
ignorant they are higher they get faster they drop blowing a blunt behind the yard soon i hop they hit the grave government strives to get them up ignorant am not straight A's all year
I see through you like clear water Like an absent man's daughter Positive on the outer But deep inside you are a doubter
they had waited for the sun in a world with only shadows the dominant character in a story with no sun no light for those the society had its back on the society was the villain laws were its wicked deeds
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