Still I Rised


I come from a family that didn't have much
Seems like each day the road would get tough
The rain would never let up but through it all I kept my head up
Because i new one day there would be a blue sky
The problems kept coming I thought I would die
But still I rised

The odds were stacked against us
They said we wouldn't make it
The money wd had for went was not enough
So at night I find myself sleeping on bathroom floors
Didnt tell nobody about my situation
I didnt want them to know what was going on behind my doors
The problems kept growing more and more
I wanted to give up I tried and tried
But somehow still I rised

So many nights I cried
I could feel the pain from the inside
We only had enough to get by
I dont how but thank God im still alive
I survived people counted us out
But still we rised

I was knocked down and pushed to the ground
I was talked about I said im going to make it
People had doubts
Turned me down and said not this guy
They told there lies but still I rised

Still I rised
I made alot of mistakes
So many trails and tribulations I couldn't escape
I thought my friends and family had my back
But I ate by myself I was the only one with a plate
In life there will be rainy days
But eventually there will be a blue sky
Pepw were surprised because still I rised

Still I rised
Life knocked me down
But each time I got up stronger than before
And each time people laughed and said more
But I looked to God who was sitting high
People judged me I was criticized
But still I rised

But still I rised
People asked how did I make it
All the pain didnt think I could take it
They said anything you want to tell us
What do you have to say?
The same people that talked me down
Want to know how I made it out
I said no matter what obstacles life threw at me
I fought threw them like Muhammad Ali
I Kept my eye on the prize
I trusted in Christ
yall tried to bring me down
But I survived and still I rised

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