the awaited sun


United States
40° 53' 19.4604" N, 73° 50' 52.0332" W

they had
waited for the sun
in a world with only shadows
the dominant character in a story with no sun
no light for those the society had its back on
the society was the villain
laws were its wicked deeds
like the Grim reaper with its scythe
in each chapter foiling the plans of the brave

they had
swords and guns to kill
these were chosen not to wield
for the cry of the rejected is always heard
soon their fingers will show the beauty in pain
soon voices will teach words of sorrow
son arms and feet will display poverty's grace
for their course was not lost or in vain
as identity and lost pride was soon found
in later years of change

they had
lit candles of hope n the world of shadows
not frightened by the doomsday which had declared
the reign of another terror in a different era
not letting fear silence him
or be defeated as he has resilience
a bold stand in an unstable hill
too steep too tall
enough to discourage yet a challenge for hero
it had encouraged other folks
to have faith that the sun will rise tomorrow

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