What is love


A three year old said "i love my mommy"

A six year old said "i love my toys"

But, what is love?

A 1en year old said "i love my friends"

A fifteen year old said "i love him"

But what is Love?

The meaning of love keeps changing.

As we grow "love" becomes something different.

But what is "love"?

is it a feeling you show towards someone/something?

Maybe a temporary feeling that isnt true.

But what is "love"?

is love used to trick people and get something?

or does love have to do with what you're expected to give?

their is no safe investment in love,

to love at all is to be vulnerable

love anything and get hearthbroken.

Because thruth is, the only safe place from love besides heaven,

is hell.

But...What is "love"


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