Feelin' Crazy

Fri, 07/04/2014 - 09:56 -- AAJones
Not where I should be
Feelin' crazy
Not lookin' like me
Mental pictures 
Leavin' me unsure
Disturbing thoughts
Have gotten me caught
Paint on new face
To hide my disgrace
Pain still seep through
This mask don't work new
I feel insane
Who lives in my brain
What is their aim
Am I just a game
It's not my crime
But I'll do the time
Wastin' my days
Till I fade away
Trapped in this room
I feel utter doom
Death please come soon
Take away my gloom
I remember
When days were better
In good weather
With my friend Heather
She was my world
My number one girl
But then came death
Took away her breath
Oh how I cried
Oh I must've died
Scarred my outsides
Deranged my insides


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