All A Girl Wants


A sad girl

Who's been heartbroken

and left to soak in

her own tears.

Left to drown without any support

in her own fears.


A girl in love

or at least she thinks its love

it hurt like love

sounds like love



like love



she wants to stay away from love

Love used to draw her near.

She used to want everyone to fall in love with her


she thought

love was 


she thought love was

roses daisies and butterflies


Love is 

scary fighting yelling and compromise

and ugly

with a pinch of happy memories.


All a girl wants,

is to be happy.




The things we must go through.

The things we must see



I you me she

we all have the same story


Our number 1 question is: 

why did this happen to me?


our number 1 question is:

What did I do to deserve this?


Our number 1 question is:

Why can I NOT be happy


can I Not




All a girl wants

is to be happy



I was good to you

I was real for you

I tried for you

 and I tried and i tried

and I tried and I tried 

But I guess in your eyes

My tries weren’t tries enough

I guess in your eyes

My tries weren’t as trying as you’d hope they be.


Why did this happen to me?

Why did this happen to she

she didn't deserve this

she didn't deserve you creeping into her room 

on a dark night

cloaked in all black

prepared to steal more of her light

take away her joy

erase all of her happiness 

disrespect her innocence


You deserve that true sinners sentence.


You make me wish I never knew you

You make me wish I didn't believe you

You make me wish

make me wish

Make me wish I didn't love you

You make me wish I never stopped that day


All a girl wants

is to be happy.


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