Tick Tock


United States
61° 18' 25.1856" N, 149° 26' 52.854" W

Noises… they merge and devour to the hallway nearby
Bypassing the exit sign, it's still there… but it hides away,
Seeping underneath the door panel of what appears

To be no... safe way out.

Slowly pulling the splinters out from the pores of my face,
Ears become drenched with blood
And cause the lack of ability to hear anything
But the sounds of my inner heart beating
And pounding in my head…

Couldn't you tell... these noises...
They shook and torn the surface walls so quickly,
All wood was broken and pained me.

I walk. I try.

My legs... failed...me.
With little hope for warmth,
Suddenly my body drifted to the floor…

Crying for closure...
For that feeling that I could feel
And as these seconds streamed on by,
I slowly regained consciousness of sounds distanced away.
I'm left with such comfort I have little strength to take in…
The tick tocking of what controls reality…

Because as of now, my entire body is being pulled
From the inside paradise I set myself up to believe in
Just so I can make it another day
To the torturous outskirts of what people
Force to place me in.

But it's all numb… everything before me lacks interest to my survival…
Even seconds are not saying goodbye…
But this tick tock... it continues
And even though time is perishing, slipping away,
I know it's still there.

The welcoming noise reminds me…
It rhythms my breathing...
Time is still there….
And that gives me hope
To get through this all...

These outskirts I will outrun
Because I choose to be the one
To say goodbye,
Not be left behind...
Not from irrational time that restricts me
From my hopeful feelings I now have regained.


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