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I found myself in comfort. Tightly tucked within the folds of my own sadness. Somehow Despite it ripping me apart from the inside out,
You are my love You are my dove You are the only one whom I want to keep in my heart   You are the liar You are the fire You are the only one who made me weep in my hard   You were my law
When I was in hard You made me in comfort   When I thought myself low You taught me to glow  
Here's a tree that only I knew, Its roots deep in my heart it grew, A symbol of my hidden truth, A friend that saw me through my youth.   Its leaves were like my every dream,
I let you into my life One breath at a time My parts, too, are promises Curve a curl behind my ear as I  Tell you a secret
Another high school poem, this time from senior year ELA. The first of three poems in a final project assigned during the poetry unit.
is it me, or just a comforting presenceone that wont look at you wrong, a fear of feeling i may never be more than you wanted me to bea wild feeling, one i cant escape are you a feeling, or true comfortsecurity, safety, and seamless satire who am
can't sleep.   it feels like these walls are closing in on me   so i find shelter in your arms instead.   (i could stay here forever.)
What, shall I fear the veiled unknown? To die and pass the mortal shroud They say ascencion through the cloud Will whisk me to the Gloried Throne, But what awaits? No tongue has told
You were driven from my mind for a time by attractive covers and synopses... Then happiness faded into the lull of boredom. My mind was filled only with tiring thoughts
Is it possible that I do What you do To make me do What I do? I wonder.   Could anyone feel The way I feel
Roast chicken on a Sunday evening. Homemade. Waffles and fortune cookies mending my prolonged childhood fear of the dark.
The morning's dawn is rising Upon the gray-blue sea That seems to be a shadow To the eyes of you and me But slowly the sun overcomes the horizon And the brightness starts to grow
drip    drip   drip, crack   drip   drip   drip, puff
Tears   Once it is morning In a garden It is The world The trees rise up To dance in the light Of the sky
Dang it all why does inspiration come at two oh three am?   I'm listening to the wind blow Grandma’s wooden wind chimes together to the  tickticktick 
How my heart can ache for the lonely, Then I’d like to comfort them all, Hold them close Until their sorrow goes, This great big world Can seem so cold,   O woe, some end up alone,
The mountains are black shadowy peaks Their valleys lined with snow soft and deep. No birds or trees inhabit this place To most it’s an empty desolate waste.   Despite the country’s shortfalls
Shed your skin of cotton with dirt and grime complete. Feel the smooth brown marble floor that’s cold against your feet. Turn the metal handle, almost entirely to the left. Feel the frigid arctic water that takes away your breath.
The cool wind on our faces The happy smiles all around As children, our favorite places Included being on the playground  
The moments we share in minutes and days
My heart flowed to your hand As easy and as seamlessly As the quilts my grandma used to make.
The soft touch of the yellow light Folds my hair gently behind my ear And I look up at the lovely moon It’s freckled face always smiling back at me
I will be The Judge, You will be The Jury. I’ll believe in the happy never-afters and the long-forgotten fables. Rebut me as much as you like, Jury.
Goodmorning honey, so they say distant at heart.. but close at screws so vivid you see, you without me things missed for things misused selfless laws governed me troubled, shrubbed up with worry
Relief (Heartless) September 11, 2018 ~ Tuesday He’s a book with boxes Analytical machine with no off switch He’s got a checklist And I'm on it
Hi daddy. Remember this morning when you left for work You promised to come play with me when you got home. I set up the teacups and food for us with mommy Oh! And I made the tea that’s actually water all on my own.
  I am scared, you hold my hand. I have anxiety, you soothe my fears. I feel overwhelmed, you offer me solutions. I am sad, you make me laugh. I need to talk, you always listen.
I cried today, and it's okay In hindsight now, I can't fall prey To doubt and fear, or dark dismay Their dreary biddings to obey * I cried today, it's tough to say Just why I cried, I can't convey:
Oh mentor of mine, You are my valentine, Oh wait. I'm lying. Thats ok you lie too, You had me I had you, I needed sleep , You lulled me. You needed ears, And I tuned in.
Now I know what it’s like To fear the loss of someone- It’s terrible, Horrible, But what accompanies it is a tender notion, A soothing feeling you can’t replace. Search the earth, the skies, the space,
Books put together a powerful message You can find words that make you sound impressive For me, a book would make my mood happy, or depressing The book would speak to me in a conveying way
I grew up in a world where everything was fine and dandy.  I lived with mommy and daddy, and grandma always bought me my favorite candy.  Grandpa walked me to 1st grade every morning,
I grew up in a world where everything was fine and dandy.  I lived with mommy and daddy, and grandma always bought me my favorite candy.  Grandpa walked me to 1st grade every morning,
I grew up in a world where everything was fine and dandy.  I lived with mommy and daddy, and grandma always bought me my favorite candy.  Grandpa walked me to 1st grade every morning,
I grew up in a world where everything was fine and dandy.  I lived with mommy and daddy, and grandma always bought me my favorite candy.  Grandpa walked me to 1st grade every morning,
Your smell, your warmth, Keeps me sane. Your caress, your strength, Keeps me safe.   Your love, your touch, Calms me. Your breath, your heartbeat, Calms my being.  
it's a funny feeling havinga place where you don't hidewhere wordsthey droplike waterfalls;where rules do not abide  
Would it be OK if I took some of your time? Would it be OK if I wrote you a rhyme? Would it be OK if I opened your heart?
A gentle shift of the body, the steady turn of a page, and the oddly addicting scent of ink and paper fills the room.
Sends shivers down your spine Gives you the chills Freezes you to the bone Raises your hairs   Yet it’s oh so kind It comforts us
Comfort can be hard to find in the winter.I always find it in Hot Chocolate.Because it’s more than a taste of sweetness.It’s the feeling that comes with it.
light came from the window and fell on my arm the other day   it felt a lot like you warming me from the inside out wrapping me in peace and contentment   I watch the world pass by 
I hope you realize how much you mean to me, regardless of where a relationship between us stands. I hope you know that you make my day. Even when I fell like the world around me is falling apart,
Dear Comfort, 
You were warm. I was cold.  Hard.  And you were warm. Warm like a fleece blanket Softening my insides in cozy embrace.   You were sweet Like you knew me before you ever had to ask
Your steady warm breath Against my neck. Your body wrapped around mine As if your first instinct is to protect.   You hold my hands in a warm embrace With the conviction that you will never let go.
I need comfort, not by finding the right people But feel the comfort when I was alone with time and space. I mean it. But I can't just say I need help from people because it feels stupid and unnecessary thing. I take this time alone.
As the wind blows and The rain pounds on my window, You hold me tight and don't let go.  I fall asleep in your arms, Waiting for a rainbow  That I hope will come, The one that you promised was just
A beautiful creature With a mane full of snow Silently sits Though she always knows   In the dark nights When no one is near He comes The only one to hear  
Worries worries worries Who is he with? Why didn’t he tell me where he was going? Is he lying to me?
I have made you a scarf,
We pull eachother close Myself sober, yourself a drunkard comforting me after a recent breakup you hiccup, i smile i feel you breathe, the smell of fireball on your lips
Times like this I'd search the bed for her. To throw my arm around her. Kiss her in mid sleep. The comfort of warm blankets. Knowing that shes that warm lump, kept warm between two sheets, a blanket, and my warmth.
I spoke with a friend yesterday.   And even though we're both white, the police had never been something that was on my mind because-- Well, everything was okay.  
You are on the Road, the Road gets you to where you need to be. It does not matter how many potholes you hit. It does not matter how narrow the Road appears.
A year ago your angry handsLeft red and purple sunset marks on my porcelain skin.Your lips dripped honey-covered apologies,But nothing ever really changed.
Do not let my heart grow cold.  For I will become a cynic, and bitter to the core.  Kind words will choke me, for I cannot say them. 
The days can only get tougher And life can only get harder- But when I walk in the door and am greeted by your excitement- My day can only get better, And my smile can only get brighter.  
Doesn't matter if you're having a nice day. They come and go anyways. One moment, you're just hanging out with friends. Then a thought comes and brings an end.  "They aren't your friends,
Tell me what I've done matters Make me believe it will be okay Days, weeks,  months later I don't care when. Tell me I'm doing the right thing.
The flames die out. Ghostly traces of red and orange and purple haunt the sky. The last moments of light cling to the clouds as the weight of the sun is dragged down. Resting place. Somberness rises with the moon.
Sleep tugs me, these days, at so many moments Into its soft embrace. I remember when I was young, I would fight it Worried about wading through life Slow and dreamlike  
To me, she is a she, and she is as powerful as a woman can be. She eases me like a mother does, settles me down from my bouts of madness,
Something overtook me and I did not know what to say. I struggled with my emotions and was tired of each day. Abuse in my mind and torment in my soul, The need to get rid of it so suddenly took hold.
The comfort in my soul comes from inside and above My comfort travels through simple days in life Comfort reflected by smiles and joyful faces
If I was ever caught in a tempest or drought I know something I can't live without Not my phone, since it's likely to die Not my laptop, or my favorite apple pie My father's bear hugs are all I really need
Worn and torn, you have been through all, Happily by my side since I was small. Intricately woven and embroidered by hands that did care. To me you were the perfect gift.
I need fear. Fear drives me. Comfort hinders success. I have never worked hard than when fear was just behind my heels.   I don’t believe in being comfortable while working hard.
Let me try to explain, this is not what I mean: 
Many misty mornings I CAST into the deep sea my net,   Thinking...perhaps, that ALL my efforts might pay my debt.
A light in the darkness Flickers, dances, on the walls The cave must relinquish its grasp It eventually must surrender.   Petals of lights reach out
You said I am like that feeling you get from letting go of a balloon, and watching it drift until it’s color vanishes. At first, it crushed me that you compared me
I find a comfort in knowing that death is close, It's soul soothing to know that all the pain and hurt felt will be no more when mysoul leaves this entrapped body. 
I adore the wind; It’s comfort over rules every And any single thought I have had. Shall the gust turn strong Or the movements go astray It is here to accompany me Even if I’m not here stay.
Peace of mind is Lying sandwiched between my parents. I am half a man with an ego bigger than he is, And half a woman with a temper shorter than she'd like it to be considered. I am half afraid, half fearless.
A New Year
There's a scared young girl Filled with hurt, sadness and pain Let her voice be heard  
the first time in my life i ever smelled a stick of incense was at my friend lindseyswe were in the fifth grade and she was my very very very best friendshe watched all the cools eighties movies
I`m distraught. My life has left me.
A closet of masks. All my favorites lined up neatly; color coded, organized by size and shape.  It's beautiful, isn't it?  All those colorful masks that all my friends and family derive such joy from, they're splendid, are they not?
The life of a young woman is boundless and untamed There is no way of telling where she will go next or who she will become The crazy twirl that destincts Who she is   The girl I was years ago is gone
She came to me Eyes filled with tear and she began to confine to me, She said "I fell in love with him because i thought he was best for me, looking at the entire world in an illusion 
“You walk funny.” These words have plagued my school experience. No one knows the reason behind this walk, They don’t know that my muscles don’t work and I’m slower than the rest
when i messaged you at 11:57 PM it felt nostalgic
For as long as I can remember, I have always felt so lost;
I am not comfortable with who I am,
Torn Between two, One black and the other white. Yet dull, gloomy and often unnoticed. Dismal, and outcaste are likely to be,  is exactly the reason you are for me.   To many its a sad and true emptiness, 
Sadness blankets me  like a dark mist a book in hand is all i have the words within are bliss   sweet and comforting are the words for my broken, aching heart
I think the saddest word is maybe Maybe I did It Maybe it was not me Maybe I will never admit   If I may be a good girl  Maybe I should wait
Fantasy Surreal, Whimsical Frollicing, Flying, Dreaming Fun all day and all play, No fun and all work
Insults fly through the air, Pain upon the heart, Boiled anger through the veins, Impatience floods the mind,   Yells, Screams, Accuses at night, A breaking soul,
Mommy please
In the hallways of school, surrounded by unfamilair faces. Feeling alone, and as I walk through the lonely hallway, the only person I can find a friend in is myself. 
I've gotten tired lately, dreaming of a something. So abstract. So tiring.
Can a broken person truly help broken people or is that merely a fictional facade we blind ourselves with so that we may feel more security within ourselves?
I don't understand what it feel like for someone close to die.   I can sympathize. I am unable to empathize.   My hand is held out; I love you, I do.  
Picture-perfect moment was today. 
Endless happiness was today. 
Good -bye pain, good-bye Hurt was today. 
A moment derived from love.
Wearing your cardigan means I need extra protection; I fear that the day will be bad, or that I will feel more than under the weather.  
They're avoiding you.You're always surrounded by peopleAnd now's my chance to talk to you.You're cool,You're popular,You're sporty,You're smart.I'm awkward,I'm mean,I'm lazy,
I sat upon moist dirt, Long after the crowds fade, Staring at this gray-stone, Your beautiful name engraved.    Inside my knees I sobbed, Hiding from the world, That is when I heard footsteps,
I've dated eight people now in the last year.  I need a break, this is crazy.  I tell my friends all these stories on how each one fails. I don't understand why thry jsut leave. 
Filled with judgement, we live our lives sensored by what people think and others' motives. Why? How come we express ourselves by the standards at which people set?
At the end of each day, my parents kissed me goodnight and put me to bed.
The key falls into my hand. The door opens. Piercing noises around me Subside. I have to hide, before they take me back.  I run Into a never ending hall of doors Leading to infinite worlds.
Her small hand touches the moist fabric of my shirt, wrapping her arm around me as if she forgot how to comfort me. I don't blame her. She's right. We don't know each other anymore
Just when I think the beach can't be far enough away, it gets farther...     didn't that last sign say one hundred miles away? and now this one says one hundred and fifty moremiles???
People are starving Becoming homeless and dying We got to make a change By making a committee we can arrange  
I rearrange my personality and fix my face, Tuck my curse words and laid back cool college kid demeanor
I look out at the still black water 
Battle scars and broken armor That's how I see you A beautiful soul in a ravaged body With nothing there's hope, without hope there's nothing
I want to give freedom! I want to give it now To the African child thrust into warfare at random to the the millions starving men, women, and children to the thousands of kids 
I feel that I've been blessed
  Although life isn’t perfect Battles 
Whenever I'm lonely, I go see my best, true friend. She's only home during the night, though I miss her throughout the day.
The world I come from is a broken world A vast world of traveling in a sense that is not meant for vacational purposes.   Getting too comfortable was uncomfortable. So I was living in a life of discomfort. 
I got a new mattress today. Fresh, clean, and filled with springs To hold me up when I’m unable.   My new mattress hugs me goodbye Every day, when I leave to go to school,
Parageusia I'm high off parageusia
Excuse me dear teacher I too am a creature That would like some comfort though I am no expert Here a plan of action That comes with attraction Excuse me dear teacher I too am a creature
I am sad, I am hurt, I am mad, These words don’t work!   I feel empty, I’m at a loss, I’m insecure, I’ve lost the toss.   I feel sick, There’s too much stress,
You are so lovely I see beauty in your eyes Bringing me comfort
You lay among the brokenLike a dry and wilting roseYou need someone to save youBut there's no one there who knowsYou put on a mask of happinesBut deep inside you acheYou're full of pain and suffering
Relief: A warm hug. Relief: A loved one's soft kiss. Relief: Secret nooks.
Horror is an empty word Loss, Bereavement Terror, Desperation Torment all are such empty words There are no words not in English, Arabic Greek, or German to describe
Lira, Lira by the river Does it yet reflect the sea? Your ears can hear the softest whispers Do they hear my quiet plea? All I love is in the river All you know is out at sea
Impossibly obsessed with the comfort of a bed, where you may find yourself melting into the hazardous heat of another being, where the truth remains underneath the bedside, while your blanket wraps around you with a misleading security.
Swirls of color, brighten golden like the sun; your soft hearted loving looks,  accompanied by the touch of your hand;  smooth gently comforting strokes. Lips tweak up to form a happy smile;
I feel so much And reach to touch But no one is there to feel the love . My thoughts they race  And I must face That no one is around me. I wish to share But no one is there
I look at you, and all I seeIs raw emotion, pure, unrefined.Tepid air dances in from outside, Deathly still yet comforting.Your blue-green eyes bind with mine in this dim light;
The outside world is exciting Frightening even The sky and sun seem so inviting Birds chirp happily   When the darkness closes in The stars become luminous It is at these times I return
Poetry My escape from the rest of the world, the action that leads my imagination far and beyond, my escape from the world, writing poetry, when under stress, pressure, and just bad moments in life,
Poetry is an outlet. An escape from reality. Poetry is community. A form of sharing emotional connection with others. Poetry is life. A seperate world inside you're mind.
To me poetry is the echoes of a dark cave. You stand in the dark and tell it all your secrets Some words double back others come back distorted and unrecognizable A few come back as music never to be forgotten
I’ve tasted the mother-load of honey, and now I see – that the vision you have of me, Is far different than the one I envisioned of me.
It is in that moment you know what you want The moment you: Flip a coin and hope it lands where you desire Make a wish and blow out the candles on your cake Those moments you don't realize what you want
“I know.” I know and I’m still here I know and I’m still looking you in the eyes I know and it doesn’t matter I know and you still look the same I know and realize how strong you are
We gather. We wait. We silently anticipate. The sun dips down, The waves dance up. The crashing touch Of Mother Earth And the King of the Sea Produce a sight of beauty.
Late at night, my thoughts come to play Dancing in my head, each leap of thought a new a brilliant point Sometimes bright and full, sometimes melancholy All creating a glorious web in my mind’s theater
Calluses riddle his palms that were tender once Marks of the weary Marks of the worried Bags under his eyes darken already dark skin Traces of the teary Traces of the tired
I've been caught inside these rings. They squeeze and squeeze And I unknowingly don't feel a thing.
When sadness turns your day to night And clouds hide all the stars from sight Don’t lose hope in who you are Here I am, your shooting star. Those darn clouds are here to stay And now your nights a rainy day
No one knows how I feel No one knows what I want They laugh and laugh As if they don't care
When in her eyes and in her fractured voice, The ache hurts even I, who knows no pain, The tears in scarlet eyes, they have no choice But now to fall and mar her face again.
A hand of tension One finger down at a time Three...Two...One Eyes close The wind blows The rain falls The house falls The cradle tips A tear drops Our hearts break
As she rests her warm head on the reserved meadow I wait. As she descends I look ahead, waiting for you, Your imperfections, your craters that comfort me so tightly, As she descends I wait.
My feelings fall beneath the clouds, I see the sun shining through. I pray I see the light come anew. I whisper softly to the wind, help be feel whole again, this sickness came too fast
I love burying myself under the soft waves and forming a new, blind world under the wet, blue blankets
Out on a canoe Surrounded by lily pads Over puny fish Underneath a comforting Cerulean canopy
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