Falling Balance

The cool wind on our faces

The happy smiles all around

As children, our favorite places

Included being on the playground


We would run, and jump, and laugh, and cry

In that moment nothing else would matter

Except how hard we would try

To get up the jungle gym’s ladder


We always dreamed of growing up

To ride in the front seat, to have a later bedtime

Some wanted to wear makeup

Others wanted to learn how to drive


But then it happened, we were older

Things happened we hadn’t thought would

Teenagers with the world on our shoulders

We had grown out of childhood


We soon began to change

Now we worried about the future

Old friends left, new ones came

Carefree moments became fewer


High school seems to bring a mountain of stress

Another deadline coming up, another thing you’ve got to do

Sometimes life seemed like a mess

But we just had to push through


As we got taller and more mature

We realized what life is all about

Knowing that whatever you face, you can endure

Being kind to others and helping out


Because the world doesn’t revolve around us

It never has, and it never will

Though we can always voice ourselves and discuss

How we can improve the world still


This poem is about: 
Our world


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