The Judge and The Jury

I will be The Judge,

You will be The Jury.

I’ll believe in the happy never-afters

and the long-forgotten fables.

Rebut me as much as you like,


Push me down with a hard-earned fist.

Show me the truth through your own life.

Set my words ablaze with your insistence.

Fight me down.

Fight me down harder.

Don’t believe in the garbage that I spill,

believe in the love in my eyes.

Trust my heart more than I ever have.

Tell my brain it’s okay to calm down.

Your instinct just might be holier than mine,


don’t push too hard but let me roll with the phases.

I trust you more than the others,


believe that I will know what to do in the end.

Don’t just fight me.

Fight him, too.

I don’t know what he’s got behind those green eyes,

but tell him it’s okay to open up.

Tell him it’s okay to be himself.

Tell him I know better than anyone else how he feels.

I know you want me to confess everything to him,


give me a minute or two and I will.


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