Why I Love the Moon

The soft touch of the yellow light

Folds my hair gently behind my ear

And I look up at the lovely moon

It’s freckled face always smiling back at me

It’s reflected rays wrapping me in a hug I never want to escape from

It’s craters soaking up all my flaws so they don’t even seem to exist

That’s why I love the moon.


The moon pulls me away from earth

Reminding me I’m more than the confines of this planet

Because I can touch the stars

Even if they are just the ones speckling my body

That’s why I love the moon.


The moon’s music tiptoes loudly into my ears

And I close my eyes and let it slowly wrap around my body

Brushing my skin with notes I never thought would sound so beautiful

And I finally understand the major I want to study

The time signature I crave

That’s why I love the moon


The moon captivates me

The moon motivates me

And I cherish my moon

Loving the light and dark sides equally

Loving every ounce of worry

Every drip of passion

Every smile and joyous laugh

That radiates out of him

He is a comforting symbol of where I am

And where I want to be

This poem was never about the moon

Because the moon is 239,000 miles away

And you’re right here next to me.


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This was really good!! Amazing work.

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