I look at you, and all I see
Is raw emotion, pure, unrefined.
Tepid air dances in from outside, 
Deathly still yet comforting.
Your blue-green eyes bind with mine in this dim light;
Daringly seductive, unnervingly sweet.

Tequila swims in my blood;
Tongue feels numb, body warm.
Type O Negative drifts dreamily in the room.
There is no past, no future.
I live in this moment - relaxed, carefree.

Your arms around me, strong and safe.
No one told me you would feel this way:
Like someone to trust unconditionally.
I breathe you in: a mix of cider, sweat, Old Spice.
I fell in love with you that night.
But you? 
You, my friend, will never know the depth of my desire.

I die a little every day.




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