You Have My Heart

My heart flowed to your hand

As easy and as seamlessly

As the quilts my grandma used to make.

Each stitch was sewn with care and intent.

Look into my heart in the same way.

Hold it tenderly for it can be fragile.

Keep it close to you,

And safe,

Because that’s where it belongs.

Watch my heart beat and listen to the song of love it quietly sings into your palm.


I am scared,

My heart leapt into your hand before I had time to lock the cage door.

It sits on your soft skin and looks at you with an innocence I wish I still possessed.

It believes in only good and soaks up the light you emit into the world

Then turns back around to my brain and says happily,

“See, I told you, he won’t hurt us”

But my brain is not convinced.

And it doesn’t have to be.

Because I let my heart rule my brain.

And wow am I falling for you.

You hold my heart with such care,

In a way that it has never been held before.

And sometimes you hold it a little tighter,

Like the weighted blanket I use to sleep holds me a little closer to my bed,

So I am safe.

You let my heart fly,

And fall,

And jump,

And sing,

And play pretty poor tennis,

And I don’t think my heart ever wants to leave your hand.

And my brain and I are completely content with that.


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