Try not to get too Sappy (9/20/2013)

I feel that I've been blessed

with some of the most amazing people.

When I feel suspended in space

you connect me to the ground

Reminding me that sometimes reality is more than bearable

When a storm is waging inside me

and I feel like I'm engulfed by emotion

you keep me from drowning 

pulling me to the surface long enough to breathe

Even when my chest has a 2 ton weight on it

you hold up some of the burden-

enough so I can laugh despite my suffering

you help me untangle the yarn 

of my mixed up emotions 

and help me face my problems at face value

And maybe this is me getting emotional again,

But in all sincerity

you're more than friends

we're connected on a spiritual level.

and in a messy, awkward

roller coaster-with-too-many-hills kind of way...

I love you all

and I thank you


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