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Dead People In The Bathroom   Mama’s in prison, why ain’t she here? There’s dead people in the bathroom and a rat over there.   The water kept rising,
In the quiet of winter's end,Where frost once claimed its reign,Emerges a tender, gentle trend—The beginning of spring's sweet refrain. Buds dare to push through the cold,A dance of life unfolds anew,Soft hues of green and gold,Paint the world in
Lover, you were a hurricane A tornado The typhoon to explain why some sailors never made it home And I used to call you mine And I used to call you after work   And I used to hold your hand
A dismal shroud slunk From slackened hands, Dense rain draped the valley In its musty, velvet folds,   Dogfighting flurries of Paper airplanes wavered, Plummeted under those whistling bombs,
Reaching down from grey forming cloudsa rumbling locomotive’s charging soundthe vortex spins its mighty handsas it bounces and vacuums across living landdestroying every time it touches down
Elementals of the worldwe all need to survivenot only to withstand their damagebut needing them to sustain our lives. 
God who created the earth and skythe deepest seas and the highest peaksturned over the reins to Mother Natureto keep earth healthy and not let it die. 
i know it’s coming with a sniff of my nosethe scent in the air lets me know it’s close.  the impending storm coming around the bendflowers will drink from what nature sends. 
its a rainy day vibe as i look up at the sky i see the big gray clouds coming down. wow.  they roar and they cry i cant help but realize that the big bad guys arent around. now
The golden sun raysstreaming through the curtains.Scorching heat,forty degrees at nine in the morning,water in the taps piping hot,vapor from the garden grassas the gardener waters garden,dried burned leaves,and twigs upon the branches,not a bird
you are blue in its dullest and brightest forms.   you are the sky, throwing your arms open above me with no clear idea of what you're trying to reach.   no matter where i'm looking, i always see you.  
On a spring day the birds were chirping. The sun was out shinning. You can see the rainbow fading out little by little. Then the weather changes, there's clouds on the horizon. Fog appears out of nowhere.
From the distance, When the trees that obstruct, Are deconstructed, And the towers of steel, Are forced to kneel,
days like this with crying gray skies make me wish i was an artist because then i could show you how beautiful this day is how bright people are shining like paint pallete beacons
Stormy weather comes with the lighting that flashes, but never strikes The thunder that cracks, but inevitably fades The wind that pushes, and almost wins The rain that drenches, and weighs her down slightly
Empty, flat, white sky, Cracked with black tree branches. The grass is yellow.
Hello, rainforest In wet season I write you While the clouds pour rain And by the terrain, I sit I am glad it's very warm
The weather is grand It is explosive this year A happy new year
I was up early this morning, and saw a sunrise. The whole sky was the purple-grey, and it scared me.   Last night, when I was still up, I looked outside and the whole sky was purple-black
water drips from the sky like blood staining all the land it hits the ground without a sound there is nowhere safe to stand
… september breath of lazy in the breeze nuts and berries dripping juice dappled sunlight, ancient trees remembering - old summer memories of hazy dusks and blue twilights
Being small was never a problem. It meant Max could crawl into small spaces,. And being last in class to lose his first baby tooth, Was also never a problem--
a southern wind blows across the sky clouds once a frightening white submerged into a powerful black the sky roars / the wind howls  i feel it in my bones a strength from within / older than history
It smells like rain Like screen porches and grass Earlier the sky turned gray Almost green And the rain sounded like hail
The sky was blue, the plants covered in dew, and the spring made it all feel so new. Everything in your head could melt away with a morning in the mountains surrounded by a foggy grey.
Rain, Rain don’t go away, Please stay for another day. Your voice is calming, Your air is taunting. The sleep you bring is blissful,
I wonder as I wander, what will become of me? Will my mouth be frozen shut like the mailbox on the corner? Can I keep my balance, standing on my own, Or will I topple over? I stand on patches of ice and death.
 Dear Dreams,   The alarm buzzes, blares. Water patters on pavement, Streams slide urgently down paned glass, An early fog shrouds the evergreens and the mottled brown, white neighborhood.
Strong as an Oak, Tall as a Pine, As beautiful as the Willow, But single spark, Or lightning's arc, Can burn up all the Meadow.
I look to the sky, there’s not a cloud in sight. Our food, That was so lovingly prepared by you, Is taken from the basket and placed on the quilt.
I was the lightning As fierce as a bullet My anger ran ravishingly Across a span of millions   You were the cloud Protector of my soul The Calm of my anger
Cloudy sky above Mixed with rain and love Needs to say goodbye.
The humidity Makes it hard to breathe outside. Moist air, go away.
 Individual clouds stole the sky
It is 32 Degrees But I don't feel the frigid air attempting to consume me In fact I don't feel anything at all externally I know that my fingers are turning blue
  Kids come in like snow on a winter’s day All their smiles just light up my day They come inside to run and play
Where I'm From by Ryan G.   The ground is where I'm from, born out if the dust and dirt. I am from my family, and their laughter and love.
  the weatherman always lies.     Friends were supposed to bring the sun but took it to another part of town
Seldom do I hear the rushing rain in December.Yet here it is, pouring down the metal and siding, making a waterfall-like audible sensation.Thunder crackles in the distance and the
This spring is dry It’s cold on a summers day The leaves are still Although they are not here to stay, Humanity dipped in grey dye
Face toward the bright sun, Breathe; the cool capricious  breeze.'s amazing.  
When I was little I liked to dance in the rain  I didn't care about the mud  clinging to my bleach blonde hair and ruining my shorts I smiled wide, not caring  but when I came in late home from school
There is nothing better than a sky filled with clouds that are ready to pour down rain. And the only thing that rivals that is when the heavens open up to bless the Earth with cool and gracious water.
Blank, white, still Earth  The silence is deafening. Smell of happiness in bloom Songs of the beginning of warmth. Children playing, water splashing, freedom in the air Stress is gone, school is out.
Who knows me better than the Earth? The rain pours down to where I perch This feeling, being all alone Think to myself, "What am I worth?"
a mind dull of storms can become invisible and a smile filled with sunshine can be hidden amongst the clouds if we don't look at them. just like the weather changes so does my mood.
Does time heal everything?  Because I, still feel the same. Will you please take me away? Oh please just take me away. I used to be so strong, well not really just was numb to it all.
Up on the hill by the mansion Beneath a loud luminous sky Clouds race in from the North- A rogue storm nears. Gusts of wind demolish fields and trees A blur of brown, orange, and green fly by.  
The breeze is a seasonal fling, A swagger that comes by surprise, Swooning my entire existence An invisible veil inviting me to come unto it To embrace what it has embraced on many
My mindset is a thunderstorm. In the darkness I am lost and blinded by a storm cloud. There is, however, some hope for this natural disaster.  
  Green grass implies Spring, here in this statuesque creation, With flowers escalating from the earth, softening its foundation.
In spring you said you loved me Summer we promised forever  We fell apart in autumn  You were gone before winter started
Everybody has a strength and a weakness in their life that they have to deal with as a blessing or a challenge. But the one thing that I think is important and absolutely need is shelter.
Red, blue, and yellow, Colors of beach umbrellas Cooling off surfers From the summer heat to the Relaxation of the waves   Hot sand and cool wavesExperience of beaches Memories are made
The thunder rumbles, The rain pours, The snow covers the ground, As I predict what is to happen next. I watch the radar maps, Pixelated colors on a screen, Where is the storm headed next,
As I look out my glass window pane All I see is pouring rain It's hard to refrain When you have knee pain from the pouring rain!
Footprints in the sand, in the dirt, in the mud On the floor, in the clay, in the snow
If you asked me to name your beauty, I would say you are a sky.  
Sunny day With a light rain Calm, peaceful, beautiful  Suddenly, a strong wind rises It gets stormy; wild Violent weather, and the rain intensifies The sky is dark
Drip, Drop, Drip... The rain hits the window  Drip, Drop, Drip... The facet leaks agaisnt the cold basin Drip, Drop, Drip... Her blood in her head pounds Drip,Drop,Drip... She falls to the floor
The sun is hot, the wind is low and soft against your face. The trees are green, their shadows tall and cool in their embrace. The grass is bright, the flowers vivid, and swaying in the breeze.
An assortment of leaves tumble from the trees like raindrops as_ Crisp air flows thrugh the earth as fast as sunshine. Autumn. Warm sweaters, campires, hot chocolate, and books all bring cheer to the season,
*Crunch* The leaves go under me. Leaves of vivid colors fall beside me.
speaking in dead terms
Snow covers mountains soft flutter, lands and touches the whisper of snowflakes
The cold Winter night
It's December, and snow's  falling. Now it's February and it's still falling. Guess what? April's got snow!
  Weather Why the cold End the winter and begin the summer All the chill is a bummer The humidity and warmth is what everyone wants Heat up the snow and let it rain
"No more snow," they say. 'We are finished with that part of day. We are past that portion of year. We are done with that hour of drear!"   "No more snow?" I say. "We have past all pf the array
the rain is falling
Winter shines brightly. Although I miss the summer, My heart will stay cold.
Snow world.  Taking Over.  Covering all that that is known.  Land being ever so still, quiet, And chill.   
Everything is frozen this morning, but the sky is clear An orange creamsicle sunrise through the mist Ice cream colors reminding me of the popsicles our fruits have become
The breeze blows, pulling me nearer, taking me farther. Where must I go?   The breeze ceases,
The weather is gloomy. It hangs in the air, Its unpredictable patterns, Remind me of someone that I hold dear, My best friend is this way, It’s sad to think that she is hurt and unhappy,
Are you frightened by the storm? Come with me where you’ll be warm, The moon tried to reach the earth, Casting midnight’s afterbirth. Lightning scars the blackened skies, Come with me, we’ll run and hide,
Tumble leaves fall, Grumbles power wind Change seasons all, Climates new begin. Clashing thunderstorms, Flashing lightning bolts,
The rush of rain crashes down, And darkened skies cloud the town.   Gloomy feelings shift through the air,
As the weather changes,so do we Our mood suddenly changes when the clouds appear and disappear  One moment we are blanket free and the next tired and lazy We like to stay home snuggled in a blanket
The seasons keep changing and I only grow older In the summer i am wild and free like the bonfires on the beach I am not searching for anything but simply enjoying life as it is Life is simple Then comes fall
Love is like a wild stormWith a shower of broken hearted rainIt will swing you like a tornadoFlood your heart like a hurricaneIts hard to love someoneThat doesn’t love you
This sweater of mine is ready for the breezing weather Wraps around me, not light like a feather Golden ball of fire hides behind the fluff Oh, what a wonderful season full of stuff apples, leaves, candy
When days transfigure themselves from orange to gray I remember what there is to be so sad about the way so many things can change in the matter of minutes from orange to gray Then next is a dark blue
Gray, I see you. So obviously blatant- glaring at me uncomfortably.   Where is the color I ask. The skies bleed your lifelessness, and my soul fills in the gap,  gushing out its inner color.
Crystals fall on an ocean of flakesLayer upon layer of snowy banks it makesBeautiful white flakes shower from aboveFilling every heart with joy and loveIt's winter snow coming out of hibernation
Rain is falling down Down under my camisole Now I have wet boobs
More sun, less sun, most sun, no sun. Who cares how much sun shines BEHIND the clouds? Everything's still grey!
Sky's are greying blue Frozen water falls from skies Trees are clear and bare
Pitter-patter on the roof The wet grass is your proof Just singing in the rain You lose all sorts of pain I love dancing all around
I'm sitting here in this empty houseListening to the hard rain pound on the roofWondering why you're not here.It's going to be way worse without you,I want this to change,
Before you were gone I imagined the way it'd feel,But it's all so different when I know it's real.You feel so close, yet you've gone so far.I remember your blue eyes twinkling like a shining star.
The roaring of the seas, Clogs my ears for me. Fears pound around my head, Hidden now and then, By rising droplet armies,
It will rain today. The pressure will rise, and the sun will be masked by the white & blue colors it creates when the cold & wet appear.   And all the girls in short and shirts that get cold will get cold
As seasons change your heart grows fonder While the distance between you grows numbingly longer  Behind tear stained eyes You hide what's inside And the love you feel for him only gets stronger  
-----------------------------------------   Like a storm baby Let's make way   Lightening. Thunder.   No sight of day. Dark Cold and damp.  
  Your love is the weather.  Sometimes cold and bitter like the madness between us.  Your love comes and goes like the rain in the summer. 
Crickets chirp sweetly The wind brushes through the trees The summer storm builds   Raindrops hit the tin Puddles begin to appear Birds still sing their songs  
The colors of the sky Matches to the shadows of the eye When one is blue The other one is too But as the lives go by With nothing more than a sigh One looks up high to see What color the sky would be
I sigh in wet clouds stumbling, shedding rain from my tongue and snowflakes from my teeth. Storms slip, rings from my lips: my churning kisses to the earth.
Summer is here, the storms are near, the clouds are rolling in, I can hear the thunder in the distance, the cold air brush against my face, water droplets that seem to fall from space, summer is here,
White flakes dancing in the air Falling gracefully in my hair Melting on the ground Not making a sound The Sun's face is despair. The frozen rains covers the lands As it grips the trees with its hands
The sky is dark and moody, storming as it goes Screaching against my weary window Let all the dry leaves float My day continues, starting dim Now brightening as my sun arrives My happiness now arise.
First, bring up the sun. Let it stand for two to three hours before moving on. Once your earth is thoroughly warmed, Go ahead and grow some grass, paying extra attention to its' color and softness.
The snowflakes dance their joyous dance moving in circular motions here and there the beauty of it puts even the great muses, and laurel trees to shame rushing towards me like little children,
The drone of fans awakes you from your sleep And light sneaks in around your windowsill. The chill of night the new day will not keep, Yet work must start where all the blades are still.
Warm scents fill the air Fall is here, thanksgiving is near But first kids dress up and play And in search of candy, hunt the night away The leaves are falling and the air is sweet
Birds chirping everywhere Leaves coming out of trees Grass in the Air
A green meadow sprawls out before you, a crystal blue stream slicing it perfectly like a knife through butter, dots of yellow alight themselves on the tops of the grass, winking at you in the wind,
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