At The Mercy of the Storm

The roaring of the seas,

Clogs my ears for me.

Fears pound around my head,

Hidden now and then,

By rising droplet armies,

Determined to crush,

Anything left in their domain.

Pounding fists,

Grasp for all the air,

Greedily stealing,

The one thing I have left.

Desperation keeps me,

My only sane thought.

Time and time again,

The depths of that dark, cold water,

Is more inviting,

Than the sentencing for my sin.

Why wait for death,

When one could have it immediately?

What is the aching cold,

Lodged in my bones,

And wood filled hands,

When I could be free,

By simply letting go,

That’s the easiest way to go.

Yet the simple want for life,

For my mother and my brother,

Pulls the strongest now,

In my deepest hopeless moment.

Seconds, minutes, hours,

Who knows?

All sense of direction is lost,

There is no one to care.

Hallucinations go before my eyes.

Stars on the horizon swirl,

Creating patterns,

That no man could ever know.

Frozen to the disaster,

 My soul escapes for me,

Looking for help,

For all eternity.

God can save me,

That is all that is left now.

A light growing brighter,

Heaven approaching.

It disappears and reappears,

Repeating a pattern.

No longer is it alone,

That yellow light simply glows,

Among the others.

Hope is too scarce,

To form in my heart.

Sudden movement steals my thoughts,

Lurching to a halt,


The most blessed sound in the world.

No need to cling,

A voice softly calls.

Fireflies soon appear,

Grouping around the boat.

A warm blanket,

Taking my senses by surprise.

Hot coffee,

The staple of the sailor,

Appears in my hands.

Safety holds me in its arms forever.


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