Easy-Bake Summer


United States
47° 36' 54.8892" N, 122° 20' 59.082" W

First, bring up the sun. Let it stand for two to three hours before moving on. Once your earth is thoroughly warmed, Go ahead and grow some grass, paying extra attention to its' color and softness. If need be, apply a brief shower to bring your grass up to color. Grass should be a vibrant emerald at this point. Set aside your grass, and while your sun is still up, Select several species of animals, insects, and other creatures. Whatever you have will work, get creative and try to use ones not from previous seasons. Take into account squeaks, barks, buzzes, and scents. They should complement rather than overwhelm. Once your landscape has set, Add a dash of wind (just a small breeze), And a few drops of whichever flowers you prefer. To finish, scoop up any excess sunshine that may have fallen off, Sprinkle throughout landscape, And enjoy.


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