Weathering the Love We Share

I look to the sky, there’s not a cloud in sight.

Our food,

That was so lovingly prepared by you,

Is taken from the basket and placed on the quilt.

Everything one could imagine.

Sweet cakes that leave me wanting more.

Savory dishes that fill my heart and make me satisfied.

I look to you

Sunlight shimmers across your smiling face in dappled spots.

Your eyes glitter,

My heart flutters.

This is what makes love worth it.

We make the effort and dedicate our time to each other.

All because we love.


After a time, storms roll in, thunder roars, rain pours.

The sky’s tears run down our faces.

You bicker over the thundering clatter of the clouds.

Others would run.

Curse the heavens, and throw their hands up in defeat.

I instead hope the rain will cleanse.

When you lash out in anger, misery, or pain.

I will take it all in stride,

and stay by your side.

All because I love you.


Although the moon is cold and it’s an icy night,

I hide beneath the covers.

I shut you out.

Others would freeze and disappear into the darkness.

Instead, you warmly embrace me.

As I entrust my fears to you.

After the cry,

The sun will once again rise,

Just as it always does.

Every single day and night I have you to depend on.

All because you love me.


Through sun, rain, and snow,

Just like the post, my love still carries.

We work through it all together.

Whatever may come.

We share our dreams and our worries.

We are a team, a partnership,

I stand by you and you stand by me

And together, we stand strong

All because we love.


This poem is about: 
My family


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