Take Me Away

Does time heal everything? 

Because I, still feel the same.

Will you please take me away?

Oh please just take me away.

I used to be so strong, well not really just was numb to it all.

The more I feel like it gets better, is when things start to go wrong.

It all feels so wrong, even when I try to be optimistic, it always get thrown back in my face.


It's raining outside, no you can't blame me I've tried, take me away.

I hear the thunder outside, or is just all in my mind? Take me away.

It's raining and pouring, though I've tried to enjoy it, but I just can't ignore what's going on outside.

It appears I've been trapped in my own mind, oh how I want to feel the rain outside.

So just take me away.

Take me away.

Take me away, from me.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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