Sunshine and Rain

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Being small was never a problem.

It meant Max could crawl into small spaces,.

And being last in class to lose his first baby tooth,

Was also never a problem--

It was a reminder of his youth.


Nope, none of these things bothered Max at all.

But as he sat, looking out through the front door glass,

He sighed at the loud, beating thump thump of the rainfall.

That steady drum of drops, which soaks the grass,

And cancels his plans for baseball.


Max hates the rain.

Why can’t it be sunny all the time?

The way it makes the sky gray,

Keeps him cooped up inside going insane,

Max hates the rain.


In his fit of anger,

Max knew he had to do something.

It is 6 year old mission to stop this clangor.

The hero that stops the rain,

That’s the answer.


That night, as he stared out at the brightly lit sky,

Max found the wish he was hoping for:

A star.

A star,

Twinkly and bright as it flew by.


Max closed his eyes,

And making his voice so soft and gentle,

He pleaded with the star, say goodbye

To all the rain and storms and bring back the sunrise.


The next morning, Max saw butterflies!

Bright shining sun shone through his window,

And he ran outside to enjoy the beautiful surprise.

As he stepped out through the door,

he could feel the the warm breeze

As it hit across his face like a crescendo.


So Max wasn’t going to let the sun go to waste.

He played and played and played.


The next day he ran and ran and ran.


The day after, under a tree he sat and sat and sat.


Eventually he just layed and layed and layed.


As days went by, the need to be outside began to subside.

The sun still shone, but everywhere he looked was gray.

The trees were brown and dry,

There were no more birds in the sky.

Instead of that fresh cool breeze,

Max just felt a dusty unease.


He started to regret ever wishing for the rain to go away.

It brought about staleness, not the warmth he hoped to remain.

Max knew it was his job to stop this delay.

He caused the drain,

Only he could bring back the rain.


Closing his eyes to think,

A light beat of music interrupted his thoughts.

Outside his window he found the source of that pingy clink.

On the glass, he saw the splattering of wet dots.

Max smiled a grateful smile,

And watched the outside with joy.

Something he hadn’t done in quite a while.


Once the rainfall came to a rest,

Max splashed in the puddles,

He listened to the birds chirp from their nest,

And smelled the air of raindrop bubbles

Drying off from the leaves and petals.


Just like his height and baby teeth,

Max came to love this thing,

That is the rain.

It gives nature an emerald bling,

It washes to reveals the beauty from underneath.


Because sunshine and rain,

Like love and pain,

Will come and go.

But you must feel them both,

Or else it will be only pain, days in a row.



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