"The Calm After The Storm"

Up on the hill by the mansion

Beneath a loud luminous sky

Clouds race in from the North-

A rogue storm nears.

Gusts of wind demolish fields and trees

A blur of brown, orange, and green fly by.


The ground liquefies

Tree limbs are scattered everywhere.


All around the mansion is darkness, 

Violent pulsing so flashes,

Long wicked shadows,

And the shatter of broken windows.

The mansion sits lifeless in the madness-


Suddenly, roaring winds and wild lightning vanishes,

The calm whistling air enters-


They enter one by one through the windows

Bringing a soft tune of melancholy.

The air replaces humid sheets of rain and wind,

For a shower of refreshing ones-


Now the mansion hums in tune 

With the light rain.


Darkness fades into dusk-

Skies over the horizon become clear.


But land lies in waste,

The sight from yesterday 

Has been taken away

By the rogue storm.





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