fire from the sun

Fri, 06/11/2021 - 19:15 -- mrapook

Elementals of the world
we all need to survive
not only to withstand their damage
but needing them to sustain our lives.

Earth creates fissures
collapsing buildings
that swallow us whole.
     using it to grow our crops
     concrete to build our homes

Water’s tidal waves
drown our cities
engulfs us with its strength.
     fresh water needed to sustain us
     supplies food from the ocean’s depth

Air’s abrupt mighty vortex
lethargic rampant hurricanes
destroying everything in its way.
     oxygen all life needs to breathe
     regulates the climate of the day

Fires scorching sun
radiation burning our skin
timbers charred to a sunder.
     provides warmth from the cold
     light at night, cooking food we muster

          Fire’s associated with getting mad
          ignites road rage in the street
          arsonists combustion protests,
          pulling the trigger of a pistol
          worsens the issues of unrest.


          discharged from an earning job
          getting worked up before a game
          maybe it’s down in purgatory
          fire is used in many ways.


after these four elements
have finished with their bane
only the blaze can we extinguish
letting nature start over again.

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