"Shelter" By: Scott Hicks

Everybody has a strength and a weakness in their life that they have to deal with as a blessing or a challenge. But the one thing that I think is important and absolutely need is shelter. The reason why I think that I need shelter is, because without shelter, we would be going through poverty and there would be nowhere warm or average temperature for us to stay. Shelter is a place that resides our food, insurance, water, air temperature, clothing, sleeping comfort, technology, and electricity. The season for each year changes, and people become freezing cold or burning hot without a average temperature place to stay each day or night, specifically on that season. Clothing can help in somewhat, but it won't protect you from the outside harms that can approach. Another misconception is that cars can't protect you forever either. Cars can, however, become too hot from the inside and dehydrate the body of whatever living organism that stays inside for too long, without enough water. Regardless of what season it is, the weather is unpredictable and cautious for every human and animal in this world, as there can be days or nights that rain, snow, hail, and become really windy. Leaving people usually ill from it. People today who go through poverty live in cars or stay on the streets, because of not having shelter. That's why you have to do good in school, get your education, and make sure that you have a decent full-time job that you can make enough money from and that you can keep for an amount of time in order survive, and practically transfer to a new job.

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