domestic abuse

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It calls for silence It calls for reverence It calls for smiles It calls for laughter loud and louder It calls for silence It calls for reflection It calls for hesitation My answer is no
Roses are black, Violets are blue, Like the hue of my skin Since I got stuck on you.   Your soul is still black, My heart is still blue, But I got away, I hope they do too.  
I try way too hard and came way to far for you to treat me the way that you do, but my bad.
soft plum crimson red bandaids and scars
You're leaving   The broad expanse of your back is the gallery where I 'II hang my dreams. Always on your way Out When will I go with you? I'll behave like you want
You're leaving   The broad expanse of your back is the gallery where I 'II hang my dreams. Always on your way Out When will I go with you? I'll behave like you want
In their red and blackthe mourners are moving their bodiesto the sound of happy dirges.The men and women in cloth gyrate their waiststo the rhythm and melodies made for the occasion.
In their red and blackthe mourners are moving their bodiesto the sound of happy dirges.The men and women in cloth gyrate their waiststo the rhythm and melodies made for the occasion.
They fought like lions, Slinking around the living room sofa, Preparing to pounce on one-another And using words to tear into each other Like sharp teeth sinking into sour flesh.
I am a caricature of a whisper My breath tries and fails to stand on its’ own Not daring to speak my truth The only escape through the pages I am named for
They say that lightning never strikes in the same place twice, But he’s always been a man of repetition. The bruises on my neck have turned yellow and black
you were my day and night you were balanced everything was as nature intended but your nights got longer the days ended sooner you started suffocating me into your dark dimension
you were my sunrise my warm happy day the sky under which children played  and people dreamed they looked up at you and would see beauty  you were my purple orange red yellow sunset
She was beat dailythe man,he had no true hearthe was a shiny shell on the shelfshe loved him like no otherand in return she got nothingno love, no respectjust painshe was his dirty raghe used her for showcheated on her and constantly beat herevent
To the one who took my life from me:   The way my nightmares used to speak I thought it would be in screams and in shouts.
Dear Untouchable,   Proven divine, your soul glows like gold under glistening sunlight; its own halo that just doesn’t happen to gleam right.
To the girl who lives for the sounds and words of affirmation, Here is a letter to you:   Although your body will become entangled with the presence of his lips ever so soft,
Raspberry juice seeps through her teeth and drips out of the corner of her faked-smile. Her lips are stained by blackberries, each one delicately plucked at the exact moment she was least ready for it.  
I couldn't have known what it was like to walk on broken glass. I could not have known the crockery of the house we built would fall to the floor shatter and that the world would be okay.  
You wanted a seed, to bloom a flower of your own kind. Change it to your preference, to prod and pluck. Yet this flower began to wilt and wither into defiance. Disempowered, you gave up on it, no longer yours to handle.
because I love you  because I love you I will be there for you because I love you I want you to achieve great things  because I love you I try my best to make you happy because I love you I buy you nice things
Just because I love you  like the blue popsicle melting in my palm I want to eat before it drips away into a puddle beyond my reach  is not cause for the bruise blooming across your cheekbone 
Purple bruises Red blood stains The hole punched in the wall More yelling More pain I begin to bawl   How did this
When I look at you, I can’t help the smile that spreads across my face.   I’m in awe. I’m in awe of you - your beauty, your talent, your kindness.
Broken bones And a broken heart Blued skin And waterfall tears Fixed By flowers of false love  
Black eyes, bruised skin Just because I love you, doesn't mean I'll let you in. Love with you is fist fights, broken glass. Harsh words that cut the skin, broken plates littering the floor That's not what love is.
We will talk for hours but only you express yourself because I love you. We will go on romantic dates but only can enjoy them because I love you. We will hang out with friends but only you can enjoy yourself because I love you.
Maybe there's a time bomb in your mouth, In your fists too. Maybe you want to stop, Hurting Me But you don't.
purple marks and crimson welts. what does it feel to be hit with a belt? emotional pain and ear-pounding shouts. why wouldn't you push him out? i have a small question, what it is like without affection?
Because I love you--- When I am angry, I will not scream Or build a wall between you and the world ( if you so much as see another person in a century it will be an act of god )
Because I love you, I hold your hand. Because I love you, I laugh with you. Because I love you, I smile through the pain. Because I love you, I ignore your flaws. Because I love you, I hide the bruises.
Dear Dad,  
Love is not living lies, or screaming in faces. Love is telling the truth, and talking through phases. Love is not hitting, or holding back eachother Love is holding and cuddling, or if needed letting go.
What is love?   Love was when you told me you couldn't imagine your life without me.   It was when you kissed me for the first time and I felt my heart nearly explode.  
Because I love you,It didnt' matter what was leftAnd what was right. It didn't matter what was up And what was down. Because I love you,Days mended together. You and I.
The me of yesterday, is fading, She was callous, angry, sanctimonious. She was abiding of God and a sinner in one, She is no longer living, from dust to dust.  
Who knew that love could be so sweet?Until you, I always saw it differently.I thought I saw it in my father’s eyesWhen he made up stories and liesTo keep my mother from her family.I thought love was obsession,
My wrist burned as he held my arm tight, his thumb digging into my bone. “You know I can’t control how jealous I get.” Words ringing in my ears like the wedding bells I wish I had run from.
Because I love me I fight for the love I deserve   Because I love you I tell you but not with words   Because you love me You force me to see who I am and who I can be  
I am fifteen years old and I think I own the world. I have a boyfriend and he loves me. He yells at me but that is okay, he loves me. He shoves me but that is okay, he loves me.
When did the cost of living, Become so expensive. Working two full-time jobs, Minnimum wage, Still cant afford to eat.    The lampshade, Needs to be dusted again, And so does the vase,
Have you seen the red house on Castle Street? The family in the red house is the first one you’ll meet. There’s a friendly mother and stern father,
All because of a slip A fall A simple miscalucation of my feet and my world came tumbling down As I lay there on the ground Once again I became That Girl   The same girl from all those years ago
My love for him grew As I held my hand in his, With nicotine touch.   His strong arms held me And fingertips grazed my chin
Just keep my mind inside my head We’ll be us both inside my bed I’ve got to keep my life instead Of staying in my lonely head  
He hurt me. I have lost count of things broken and blood spilled. 1,5,20 to many punches to the gut and kicks to the shin. Remeber how you burned my skin?
Surround me with peace Take me away to a new home Remember that I am a person too Remember that I am love Surround me with peace
  March seventeenth ten years old My mother always told me to go outside and play with the little boy who picked the apples off the tree
We met when I was beautiful and strong: a sight to behold, but you decided to be jealous-- I guess you own me. We met when I was young and foolish: my head full of dreams,
Words slapped me in the face With their crimson fury Without hesitation I let them envelop me Watering myself in a shower of emotion
My wrist, formless, shifting and breaking like a cloud;You grab hold, tightly--too tightly,And I vaporize before your eyes.  
Even when I close my eyes, I can still see the fists wildly being thrashed at me Even when I cover my ears, I can still hear the spits of insults and names being flung at me Even when I touch my skin
He pours scalding water over your wounds boiling you from the outside in.  His words are poison soap grating off layers of the world
I'm mad.I'm mad that when I talk about important things they roll their eyes.I'm mad that I'm a bitch for having opinions,or boring for being a(stupid)(shallow) (unambitious) girl.
Warm liquid under my head A bitter, salty taste on my tongue My left hand flies up to my face to discover that my cheeks are stained with blood I turn my hand around to peer into the diamond ring on my finger
Breathing People dont notice when they breathe  it's a natural mechanism you're not supposed to be conscious of it   But every breath I inhale, I hate Every breath, 
My fair lady, my fair lady Be a good girl, be a dear Do the cleaning, be the cook All your worth is in how you look  
he begins drinking at five; i begin hiding at six. at seven, we sit down for dinner. until eight, we nibble and pick.   at nine, we collect in the foyer. we sit and we all watch tv.
They say the hottest love ends cold It's true After all, if a relationship is only heat the fire must go out eventually And then the frostbite begins licking at your nerves, at your life
I was strong. I was stronger than you ever wanted me to be. I was strong in the face of your words, your actions, your “love”. You called me weak.
"Imprisonment, detained, day by day. Take away these chains for my child's sake."  
Tick tock, tick tockThe clock is screamingMy tears are sreamingIs he here tonight?  
The man  who strikes wthout provocation, without defending family,honor, or person is no man.
Slam.  Mommy is lying on the ground. Daddy threw her there; I saw it from behind The wooden banister which I wrapped my stuffed snake around  Only three hours before. 
His kisses are the stains of black and blue that decorate my pale skin, like proclamations of affection shouted into the void, they forever float, a reminder of our romance a reminder that He loves me
I love you with everything I have, you make me smile.          You                 t                              ake                         everything I  a              m. You make me feel so in love, so beautiful.
She always gave you second chances;Always said she’d let it go,Let it slide this time,But I guess that’s whatYou do when you’re in control.But you really ought toLet your pupil know
I grew up in America.  I grew up in England.  I grew up in a Massachusettes hospital.    I fell in love with  Romance At a young age.  Didn't see it much  Growing up,
Mistook His kind words for love Little girl lost Young and naïve Seduced by what could've been Lost in his selfish ways Used and abused Thrown away Little girl lost
I am Abused. I wonder what i have done wrong. I hear the slaps and hits of skin against skin. I see them coming to my room. I want them to walk on by. I am Abused. I pretend nothing is wrong. I feel the bruises and broken bones.
Slamming doors With wildfire aggression Causes young ears to adapt To loud, coarse directions
Jaded, corrupted, denied, abducted. The rose tinted glasses finally begin to crack. Blinded by the tales of damsels in distress.
She cries softly, Tears drive down her cheek. Hopelessness fills her body greatly, And she fears the next encounter. How shall she escape,
You have no idea what home is like. Salty tears, broken bones, and shattered lights. Leaving home makes my mind wonder. I feel nauseous- I have to save her. I sit in class, head to table-
  She cooks him dinner again as she does every night The sight of beef bathed in spices and the smell of cocoa
At the worst of times, Written word and the resounding tones of my sister's voice became my best allies.   When my parents used liquid courage and fists to bodies as communication, 
A woman raises her voice. A man raises his fist. A child cries herself to sleep, Without even being kissed.
The door slams Jose Cuervo and tobacco fill the air A yellow vase with white tulips crumbles with fear The shiny silver lamp, no longer a shiny silver lamp The pale broken blinds rattle, fearing your presence
When you look in a mirror, what do you see? A smile, an eyelash, a splash of pink gloss? Noticing her reflection, what does she see? A short skirt, low-cut shirt, is she totally lost?
You said I was your drug of choice As if my grinded bones weren’t enough lines to get high of You lit us up into flames, Smoked the ends of me Like I was the last blunt you'd wrap your lips around,
Trapped in a dungeon by my masked lover. He refuses to give me any clues as to who he might be. The only detail I can give is his eyes. His eyes, amber with streaks of gold and green. These are the eyes I long for in my darkest of nights.
I lie awake, alone in the dark Fingers lightly tracing a black and blue mark "How will I hide this?" I think with distaste Wincing from the bruise on the side of my face Recalling the anger he demonstrated tonight
Look in a mirror and see a monster The hate inside, fighting to take control In school they don’t see, at least not really They see a person not a monster I see so much of him inside of me
Kiss me, shove me, break me Turn these shades to black & blue, Peel back this skin, make it new Love me, hate me, infuriate me Scream a little louder; I can't hear you,
A violet evening, I dip my tiny toes in the red. slip on its shiny luster Feel it stain my skin like silver nitrate (how does one become clean again?) I inhale the ogre stench that stops my screams from touching
The smile on her lips Had never reached her eyes She hid her pain and worries behind Her perfect porcelain disguise
The first time he tried to teach me to drive stick I crumbled over the steering wheel chest heaving as though an earthquake had pried open my ribcage, my lungs having too much space to breathe.
Caw, caw, caw! The crow goes. Boom, boom, boom! My heartbeat grows.   I stare at my window Waiting, waiting. Fear enveloping my mind and soul.
As the sun sets, and night start to sit, There is a home, a very special home, With a mother and father, a sister and a brother. A place where they come to know, Some information not easily shown
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