I try way too hard and came way to far for you to treat me the way that you do, but my bad.
Ive been social distancing me from myself way before this sickness covered the earth, and Youve been making me ill from my stomach to my heart & I cant understand how ive been able to stand it
I been begging to god and cussing out my mom and ghosting any friend who bothered to call, I hate this trip im on.
Why couldn't you just...Why would you ugh, where did you go, youre sick and filled with lust.
You're dirty man, you only exist to bust.
I wanted you to be so great, tried to talk you into doing whatever it takes. I supported you and babied you, man i absolutely loved you but you wanted to bust...
You have a sick problem and I cannot help it, going behind my back and you force me to take it. You switching sides and Im crying all night, and youre satisfied and Im dying inside. I cannot understand why you wont leave my side, im sick of these hoes and im sick of your lies.
I want to be free, I loved you too much and lost sight of me
I begged on my knees for far too long, gave up so much and it all felt wrong. I just loved you too much and gave up on me.
Please just let me free, release your hooks and allow me to breathe, You've got me in an emotional bond-I cannot break it but we gotta move on... You, me, we, we gotta move on..

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