Although I Love You

Because I love you,It didnt' matter what was leftAnd what was right. It didn't matter what was up And what was down. Because I love you,Days mended together. You and I. Me and you.Smiling, laughing, loving. Because I love you,I couldn't see straight. And it's because I love you That I couldn't seeThat seemed rightwas wrong. Things weren't looking up;Our life was crashing down. Althoug I love you,I remember it all. Although I love you,I shouldn't have takenthe insults.the abuse. Although I love you,I should have told youOf how ashamed you make me feel. Alhtough I love you,the bruise you left is real. Because I love you,I need to be the one to step backand walk away.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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