My Fair Lady (from a Trans Poet)

My fair lady, my fair lady

Be a good girl, be a dear

Do the cleaning, be the cook

All your worth is in how you look


My fair lady, my fair lady

Be a modest thing and laugh at his jokes

Wear this, eat this, don't eat, don't spit

Be fit for your man, don't question it


My fair lady, my fair lady

Tear her down, don't be her friend

She's much too fat, she's much too bold

She's lesser and never does as she's told


My fair lady, my fair lady

You wear that and he'll take what's there

Boys will be boys, and you, my lady

Will never know the meaning of fair


My fair lady, my fair lady

Don't ask for equality, don't ask for rights

Your kind will never be born free

You're wasting everyone's time


My fair lady, my fair lady

So what I call you a bitch or a whore?

You're mine to use, you're mine to choose

You're nothing but another score


My fair lady, my fair lady,

Are you scared? Are you hurt?

It's good for you, to feel this wounded,

Know your place is in the dirt


I wish I were a woman,

But I wasn't born that way

I'll fight beside you my entire life

Because I know your pain

There's a rallying song within me

Beating loud in my ears

I'm thankful to be alive this day

One day, we will end your fears

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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