Too Far

Warm liquid under my head

A bitter, salty taste on my tongue

My left hand flies up to my face to discover that my cheeks are stained with blood

I turn my hand around to peer into the diamond ring on my finger

And then I remember... I remember how you told me you wouldn't go this far


I have a flashback

I see your arms around my waist and my face buried in your shoulder

I see your eyes gazing into mine as your fingers interlock upon my hand

I feel the warmth of your passion as it leaves your body to find mine

I feel the compassion in your heart seep into my spirit- overwhelming me 

We could have stayed that happy too

If you hadn't gone that far


An open sore on my leg

Induced by your own hand

Not the first scar that you've given to me

A bruise on my stomach

During an argument when I turned away from you and you forced me down

A missing lock of hair

You snatched it from me after I upset you at the Halloween party

Another incident when you mistakenly thought I was flirting with another guy

Of course you apologized later

Promised that you'd never go that far again


Darkness lurks in the sky

The miasma of my own blood suspends in the air

A flashlight reveals to me the sound of clanking shovel

Conjumbled mixture of substance touching my bare skin

Cold against my bare skin

I see you

I reach out to you... you ignore my hand

The grin that filled my face evaporates when I look into your eyes

Coldness radiates from you

You paralyze me

Will you really go this far?


The shovel drives harder into the earth

Breaking it more and more with every grunt you make

My senses are muddled 

I could almost promise that I am no longer alive and you are digging a grave for me

That can't be correct

We are the only two here

Why would you bury me without an official ceremony?

...Unless you are keeping my death a secret

Have, have you murdered me?

There is no way that it could be so

You love me abundantly and you would never go this far

You promised me

You said that regardless of the past we could move forward and you wouldn't take it too far


What have you done?

That must be it, you haven't done anything and somehow I am to blame

At this moment my body is lying in a shallow pit

I am immersed in dirt

A worm nestles itself under my left ankle

A snail slithers across my left thigh


It is time for me to realize 

Actually no

It is too late

You do not love me

Your embrace is fabricated

Your warm arms a lie

Tricking me into believing that your fingers aren't capable

Of seizing my head and compressing it into the concrete


One last spot of dirt is to be lain over my eyes

My eyes desperately search yours

Pleading you to keep your promise and not take it this far

I see your eyes glisten, sparking as they have before

During happier times

You do the unimaginable

Hit me in the head one last time with the shovel

Covering up the open area that was around my eyes with an additional layer of dirt

You went too far

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