lightning never strikes the same place twice...



don't make a sound.

you don't want them to know your in here. she mumbled to herself as she sat in the dark deep corner of her closet rocking back and forth

back and forth...

i saw her


her hair in her face with tears traveling down her red cheeks and trembling body.

she doesn't want them to hurt her.

she wants to be alone 


she wants to leave 

and be free

so she lets her mind wander...

and all of a sudden 

as i closed and reopened my eyes

we are no longer in a dark closet 

but under a sturdy oak

swinging back and forth on a wooden swing 

the breeze from her legs cutting the air drying the tears from her face

the sky is cloudy and water sprinkles

but sadly it does not last as the rain starts pouring 

and her heart starts pounding

faster and harder

as the rain drops make contact on the ground

she clasps her hands over her ears.

as i start to hear violent insults and threats screech through thin walls and underneath cracks in the door

it must sound like thunder to her as her hands muffle the harsh sounds

the thunder starts to slowly disappear as do the insults and threats

everything seems to be clearing up

and the wind slowly whispers gently

that she wont get hurt if she steps out from under the oak tree

she wants to believe

but having been struck by lightning before doesn't allow her to.

so she stays where she knows she is safe.

a last drum of thunder roars and vanishes as does the gentle whispers

she again is uncontrollable

she knows she cant  stay under the tree forever

but for now she waits

swinging back and forth until the sun comes back out.

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