The Perfect(ly Wrong) Relationship

Tue, 05/06/2014 - 13:31 -- Kimmy88


She always gave you second chances;
Always said she’d let it go,
Let it slide this time,
But I guess that’s what
You do when you’re in control.
But you really ought to
Let your pupil know
When you’re changing the steps,
The beat, and the tempo.

Hail to the Puppet Master.
She’s the one that does it best.
The nylon’s snapped,
You’re on your own,
Nowhere to go;
Big Brother knows best.

Come crawling back,
You’re no good.
Do you know that?
It’s all you can do;
Sapping the life from you.
The most intimate
Part of your mind.

Puppet Master
Takes control;
Mime of pine.

Nylon is gone,
Broken and frayed
And burned at the break.
Best not to speak.
Nooses replace,
What lasted some weeks.
Best not to tell;
Best not to tweak.
Timbers to ashes,
Cut away slowly.

Wish on a star—
It’s getting quite lonely,
When did these limbs
Am I okay?
Interference is bad,
You can’t quite hear.
Light through the tunnel
Getting much nearer.
Ocean breeze,
“She is not me”.


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