To the Girl Who Lives for the Sounds and Words of Affirmation

To the girl who lives for the sounds and words of affirmation,

Here is a letter to you:


Although your body will become entangled with the presence of his lips ever so soft,

You must remember that serpents have tongues too.

But this time, there will be no prophetic warning of who or what he is.


To the girl who lives for the sounds and words of affirmation

Here is a letter to you:

You may be the first woman to walk among his footsteps

But do not mistake the word woman for female.


The curiosity in his eyes does not need to match those with his hands

Because chances are

The ground he rested upon was not fresh

and now his palms remain dirty

with the soil of his proclaimed past.


Your skin will begin to resemble the color of soot from a chimney

But you know that the only way to achieve that dark of a color

Is through the burning of an object.

His words to you will ignite the same type of attraction a moth has to a light

Man had to fire when he learned to conquer its flame.


But unlike the latter you will remain just as naive as the insect you see

Knowing that burning sensation but forgetting the searing pain and permanent branding

So, you’ll still let him trace your body

You’ll still let him question your existence


Because you have begun to believe that the rib you share is more than just a bone in your body

But his interpretation of the one bone in your body to share is different and now you’re left

standing before the apple.


To the girl who lives for the sounds and words of affirmation

Here is an apology to you

I’m sorry this letter did not come sooner

And now your garden is left destroyed with only an outline of your ghost left.


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