The Love You Deserve

Who knew that love could be so sweet?
Until you, I always saw it differently.
I thought I saw it in my father’s eyes
When he made up stories and lies
To keep my mother from her family.
I thought love was obsession,
A morphed sort of devotion.
I believed in the myth of Disney,
That I could get a prince if I didn’t speak,
Just stay still and let him kiss me.
But now I know what love truly is,
It is mine
As well as hers or his.
Love is not a monopoly,
But mutual affection
That still allows for room to breathe.
It is not a tale of Beauty and the Beast,
Where you keep the other isolated
As you break apart their identity,
But instead a sense of trust cultivated
By people who want each other to succeed.
I struggled to find what was inside of me,
But you gave me a support I needed to explore
Myself a way I never had before.
Love is knowing you’ll be fine
When her hands and yours are intertwined.
Love is knowing the bad days are just days,
Not excuses like the others made.
It’s forgiveness after making amends.
It’s not treating the other as means to ends.
Love is knowing the importance of apologies,
And communicating openly.
Love is unbroken trust,
Love is companionship,
Love is encouragement,
Love is the things that make you feel loved,
So never accept anything less.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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