You have no idea what home is like.

Salty tears, broken bones, and shattered lights.

Leaving home makes my mind wonder.

I feel nauseous- I have to save her.

I sit in class, head to table-

Hope he doesn’t take her under.

Anxiety fills my bones, my heart weighs heavy.

My mom’s alone.

Can’t you see the fear?  

You look at me with a smirk on your face, and out loud you say

 “Your stomach hurts again? Let’s not lie again today”.

You tell the others, “She just misses her mommy”.

I must just be another 3rd grader, trying to pull one over on her.

You have no idea, no clue.

The things going on there are so much bigger than you.

If I scream the truth at the top of my lungs-

Would you even hear me?

Would you get real close and reassure me?

Would you wipe the smirk off of your face?

Give me a second look, and try to understand my pain?

Maybe you’d take it all back.

Let my peers console me, instead of disown me.

What would you have done, if I had told you the truth?


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